Article: Top 10 Quotes From Prison Playbook

Prison Playbook is a dark-theme, slice-of-life K-drama that deals with the life of a baseball player Je- Hyuk. He gets a sentence of one-year imprisonment after assaulting the person who tried to molest his sister. Je-Hyuk meets his best friend, who is an officer at the same correctional center. The drama unravels the stories of different people who are in prison for one or the other reason. Some learn from their mistakes and transform themselves into new leaves. Others couldn’t change themselves even after many tries. The drama showcases how the officers are and their methods are good then we can reform society. Here are the top 10 quotes from Prison Playbook.

1. You Gave It Your Best Effort, But There Was No Opportunity For You. So Just Point The Finger At Everything. The World Ought To Have Made More Effort. The Issue Was That You Were Never Given A Chance By The World. Angry And Sad, As You Please. Don't Be Hard On Yourself.

Sometimes even after working hard, people don’t get enough opportunities from the outside world. It’s just they don’t want to help the skilled ones.

2. Everything Will Go Well. That’s Not How Life Is. Even When Things Seem To Go Well, Life Can Take An Unexpected Turn.

When Everything seems to be going well, life can mock back on people. It can turn the tables. It is unprecedented and loves to make a mockery out of good people.

3. I Liked Him Even Before He Played As Well As He Does Now. He’s A Little Slow, But I Knew He’d Make It Big One Day. It’s A Hunch That Only His Friend Can Have. Like Faith.

Faithful friends always have your back. Je Hyuk’s best friend always believed in him because he never gave up. Je Hyuk is always determined about his goal of becoming a baseball player.

4. Even If You Live For One Day, Be A Good Person. Live As A Good Person.

It’s required to live as a good person. It’s necessary to be kind to the person sitting next to you. Kindness is rare. People can have all the money and power in the world but being is the most irregular quality anyone can have.

5. Hardships Were Added To A Life That Was Already Difficult. Do Not Give Up Hope, Even If You Are Dejected.

Even after a series of failures, people should never stop trying. We never know what’s coming our way and what it will unravel. All people can do is have patience and do their share of work.

6. What Is The Definition Of Happiness? Someone Once Stated, Your Standard For Happiness Would Be Considerably Lower Than You Think If It Weren't For What Other People Thought. Everyone, Don't Measure Happiness By What Other People Think.

Only people themselves can measure the happiness they feel for the things they like. Everyone judges others, and that doesn’t mean we make their shallow opinions our realities.

7. It’s Not Possible. It’s Not Because I Like It Here. It’s Because I Have To Survive. I Won’t Be Able To Stand It Otherwise.

Sometimes people live in certain places or do a specific job to survive the complexities of life. It’s because they have to and not because they have a choice. During challenging circumstances, these people try to find hope in dire situations.

8. Je-Hyuk. People Don’t Think About You All Day Long. Everyone’s Busy With Their Own Lives. So, Stop Worrying, And Stop Being Nervous.

Despite being famous and a celebrity baseball player, Je Hyuk’s friend reminds him that he should not give much heed to the people. They are busy living their own lives too.

9. People Who Did Fraud To Others For Almost 7 Million Won Can Quickly Get Freed From Prison, But A Person Who Saved Her Sister From A Rapist Couldn’t.

The lines show the reality of the society we live. It shows how irrational law is and how irrationally it works sometimes.

10. Will You Tell Me Only The Happy Things? Hereafter, Tell Me About The Sad Things Too.

When we share something precious with our significant others, we must tell them everything. People must share both happiness and sadness. Then their bond deepens more and grows like a big tree.