Article: Top 10 Most Popular Anime Movies With Out Of The Box Story Lines

Out of the box indicates something breaking the box’s limitation. The term box means boundaries; everyone might know that the limits are intended to be broken. Here, by the term boundary, we mean the limitation regarding the plot that a particular movie should follow a standard path—a specific path in the sense of theme or sometimes the endings, etc. For example, sometimes it is expected that there will be a romantic aspect going on in the subplot, but it is not a necessity that is meant to be followed. Sometimes, males are expected to play solid characters, which is also unnecessary. Thus, we’ll focus on the anime movies with out-of-the-box storylines.

1. Howl’s Floating Castle

Howl’s Floating Castle is a Ghibli creation that showcases simple concepts twistedly. The movie showcased the horror of wars via a very different magic storyline. The film talks about Howl and a girl who got cursed by the witch of waste that transforms her into an old lady in her 90s. While on her way to find the cure, she discovers Howl’s castle under Clacifer. Calcifer and Lady make a deal to free each other from curses; thus, she resides there to find a cure.

2. Your Name

Your Name was something beyond imagination. Moreover, the story was inspired by the creator’s dream. It is about how there is a swap of consciousness at different times to resist a colossal mishappening by a comet. The scenes in the anime are enchanting with its distinct plot. The story revolves around the two main characters, a boy and a girl, within which swapping occurs. They initially thought it to be a swapping between two persons, but as the story progressed, they discovered it was within different timelines.

3. A Silent Voice

A silent voice was targeting something severe: guilt that remains within the heart of a bully and how people change as time passes. It’s about a boy who used to bully a deaf girl, but as the situation received lame light from adults, society heavily criticized him, even the friends who were by his side as a bully. He turns into an introverted person who finds it challenging to become social, but as he meets the same girl after years, he tries to say sorry for his deeds only to begin a whole new journey.

4. Bubble

Bubble comprises a distinct storyline. It is about a city shattered by the destruction caused by an unusual shower of bubbles several years ago. They first started in the central town of Tokyo and soon after hit the world with a blow. As the times excel, the same city has become the center of a dangerous game wherein youngsters must cross hurdles with different gravitational laws to reach the endpoint. It is a team game, and the ones who come first win. The protagonist plays the same game, and the female protagonist is a mysterious girl who loses to a bubble and helps the same guy years ago.

5. Josee, The Tiger And The Fish

Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish is an incredible anime movie about a girl who is differently abled and can’t walk alone and a guy who loves diving. To earn some extra income to support his expenses, he takes the job of a caretaker for Josee. They spend a great time together and even visit the ocean, a place Josee always wanted to lay her eyes on. After the demise of her grandmother, she is left alone, and then she discovers her passion for drawing. The great thing about the movie is how it has been related to the mermaid tale and relation with dreams we aspire to.

6. Suzume

Suzue is a worth-watching piece based on a myth that speaks of doors that open up at forbidden places and bring misfortune in the form of earthquakes. As the title suggests, the protagonists, Suzume and a guy responsible for locking such doors. By mistake, Suzume sets the keystone responsible for diminishing such events free, which takes the face of a cat and wanders throughout Japan, unlocking such doors. The guy on the other side is cursed to be a living chair, and they follow the cat in the same form.

7. Weathering With You

Weathering with You is another excellent anime about Japan, which is unhappy with the continuous rainfall. The protagonist is a sunshine girl who can control the weather at her will, and she pairs up with a teen boy who has fled from his home to Tokyo to start a company where they alter the temperature at a nominal fee for the people.

8. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is about a dying girl who finds her mate in a boy who didn’t show her sympathy when he heard of his dreadful disease. She felt happy about it and decided to be friends with the guy, who was an introvert. They both have a lot of fun and share moments until life plays its game, and someone kills the girl before the disease can take her life.

9. Summer Ghost

Summer Ghost is an interesting short anime about a lady ghost that appears when firecrackers are burnt at several places. A trio of school-going teens encounter her, but later, they find out that the people who wanted themselves to be dead are the ones who can see. The trio thought that she had committed suicide only to find out that she had been murdered, and thus, they all started their journey to find her missing corpse.

10. Into The Forest Of Fireflies

Into the Forest of Fireflies is an exciting piece of anime that talks about a boy who would disappear if touched by a human. He is brought to live by the forest spirit and is internally weak. He finds a lost girl in the forest, shows her the way out, and they become good friends. She ages as the human ages while the boy is stuck in the same period since they first met.