Article: Top 10 Most Popular Anime Characters With Red Hair

Physical attributes such as hair, face, and eyes are the initial factors one notices in someone. They are like the first impression one would have, and sometimes we even remember someone by that attribute rather than their real name. People often say, "Oh, the one with red hair, I have seen him." The point is people do notice, but once someone knows the person for real, the outside beauty barely matters. The thing is, in the anime world, sometimes characters are remembered by these attributes. For instance, you might have heard people saying, "Oh, the character with yellow hairs, I like how he slays with thunder." Or "I am in love with the character with boar head-on." It is mainly with international fans who find it challenging to remember characters' names or maybe with people who saw an anime long ago. We would refer to a character more than the name by describing a particular attribute it carries. Anime characters comprise various hair colors like white, yellow, red, brown, green, and even pink.

1. Lafalle Fenn Lafalle (Sugar Apple Fairy Tale)

Lafalle Fenn Lafalle is a warrior fairy born out of a precious stone kept next to Challe called Opal. Though he is seen with green hair when he is not in rage, his inches and wings transform red as soon as he removes his dangerous strings. The red color is more often seen as the color of rage and anger in his case. He aspires to eliminate every human and free his community from slavery. He believes himself to be the next heir to the throne of fairies because he was born out of the precious stones of the prior king's sword with an eagle's gaze.

2. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tale)

Erza is the strongest mage with a unique appearance paired with her red hair. She has a distinct patch on her eyes and is often seen dressed like a warrior with weapons. She is skilled with her magic, which adds to her versatility. She was raised in the tower of Heaven, which she escaped to encounter a whole new family. She is a leader who is often seen battling tough battles with her tactics and skills. She does not hesitate to push herself to the limits for the victory.

3. Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Kurama is a sort of fox demon who gets into a human shape. His human form is characterized by long red hairs that are the center of attraction. He is usually seen in his iconic green uniform with a rose that can be used against demons during odd times. The personality is a blend of calmness and cunningness. Initially, he was a renowned thief demon who was once mortally wounded, and thus, for the sake of his life, he transformed his spirit into a human and has existed in duality.

4. Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

Rias Gremory is extremely attractive with her crimson hair and blue eyes. They are a perfect match that one could have. She is from a high-ranking demon family and is quite powerful. She can wield destructive magic and summon demons at her will. She is president of the school club and the protagonist's keen love interest. She is often seen battling with supernatural beings and comprises different odd abilities.

5. Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler)

Grell has red glasses and red hair paired with a black butler uniform. She was introduced to fans as a grim reaper under the head's supervision. She uses Death Scythe to carry her soul duty and comprise a dramatic personality. She is famous for her unique style and is obsessed with the protagonist.

6. Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)

The Yoko is a memorable character of Gurren, a series loaded with power-packed action. Her distinct appearance comprises a revealing top, shorts, and boots paired with a rifle. She is a remarkably skilled sniper who is way too good at her work. She is physically agile and comprises great combat, too. She is extremely strong-willed and has a personality that outshines every interaction.

7. Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night)

Rin comes in line from a prestigious family of mages and even participates in the Holy Grail War. She has a strong desire to take forward her family's legacy. She comprises a solid hold of elementals of mage craft and is quite fabulous with her skills. The series also features her complex relationship with his rival, which soon develops into a romantic tension. Her appearance is beautiful, with dark red hair and calm blue eyes. She is seen as strict and focused, with some moments of kindness.

8. Sasori (Naruto)

Sasori is an infamous character from a popular anime called Naruto. Naruto is worth watching because it is based on the past period of Nijas. The character is seen as a puppeteer with a puppet body. He is often seen in the field with various characters. He has mastered the puppetry technique and can use it to the fullest against his enemies. His past speaks of him as a former Ninja of Hidden Sand village and the creation of puppets.

9. Holo From (Spice And Wolf)

Holo is infamous for her playful nature in the series. Holo lives in a duality with a wolf form and a woman form with red hair. She is often seen accompanied by her sharp tongue, cleverness, and teasing of her countertravellers. She was initially seen as a deity of fortune for a small town, but as the city prospers, she is forgotten, and thus, she decides to start a new journey.

10. Nagato (Naruto)

Nagato is an infamous character of Naruto who has served as a significant antagonist in the latter half. He comes from a war-torn village and has experienced a personal tragedy that changed his worldview. He has even mastered one of the most powerful Jutsu, Rinnegan. He desired to capture the tailed beast for a forced peace that would satisfy him.