Article: Top 10 Anime That Are A Perfect Match For Cat Lovers

Most anime fans must have come across plenty of anime comprising adorable cats as a part of their plot, which indicates how vital these cute creatures are in Japanese culture. Cats are seen more frequently in anime than other pets and are always there with some solid plot. Cats are adorable, and anime fans who love cats desire to see their favorite pet as an essential character in the anime. Anime is the chart-topper in invoking human feelings among viewers, making them desirable among the audience. Thus, the anime world has plenty of series and movies for viewers attached to their lovely pets. There is anime for such an audience; they do not feel left out.

Moreover, there are plenty of movies and series worldwide where cats have been seen influencing the plot and taking the lead because these pets are adored and have been there as our companions. There is a bunch of anime where people would see cats playing major roles or are essential for the plot. The reason is plenty to have a cat in the anime plot, but the thing which the audience can't ignore is them. Here are the top 10 anime that perfectly match cat lovers.

1. Aggretsuko

The anime is about having adorable cats in unusual scenarios like the office. It is a dark comedy that focuses on the real-life struggles of women and salarymen and the roles assigned to animals to have a comic view. This anime would be a perfect cup of tea for those who want to see the human world gets swapped with cats.

2. Chi's Sweet Home

The series is about the new home of Chi, which she gets after getting departed by her family. The new family is a boy and her mother, who care for her at their best, making her home sweet. The series would be a relatable piece for all cat lovers, and one can relate it to the story of their pets because the struggles and emotions portrayed in this series are very similar to reality.

3. She And Her Cat

The adorable series describes a special bond between a female and her cat. The story moved and narrated from the cat's perspective and her precious feelings towards her new mistress. The series would be unique for cat lovers who might wonder how their cat might feel for them because the story would take turns from the perspective of a pet cat. How the cat observes the changes in its owner and the things around would leave you astonished about these cute creatures' unique and adorable feelings.

4. Kuruneko

Kuruneko is simple yet moving and talks about a cat owner caring for multiple cats. The stories and personalities of each cat are wrapped little by little, giving the audience a better understanding of the scenario. Thus, the viewers can see the diversity in the behaviors and intentions of different cats shown in the series. Kurneko is undoubtedly a green go for all anime fans into plots comprising these cute creatures.

5. The Cat Returns

The anime is a Ghibli marvel that narrates a story of a high school girl who can talk to cats, and this proves helpful when she rescues the life of the price of a cat kingdom. Things get interesting when she is invited to visit the domain, along with a marriage proposal. The series differs from other anime because it comprises a fantasy element where the viewers can imagine a new catkingdom, their rules, and their intentions.

6. A Whisker Away

A whisker away comprise an exciting and distinct plotline that revolves around a schoolgirl obsessed with her crush to the level that she transforms herself into a cat to get close to him with the help of a magical mask. Things work for her because his crush loves to spend his spare time playing with her cat form, forming a unique bond with her. Things get interesting when a fluffy evil cat takes her human form to steal her age. The series is also a distinct piece because it features the perspective of both cats and humans. Viewers would experience a new world where the darkest desire of cats to live more is also exposed through certain series characters. A Whisker Away is suitable for someone who wants cats to be part of the anime.

7. Windy Tales

Windy Tales is about the manipulation of wind by an adorable cat. Nao, a photography club member who loves capturing the sky, discovers this supernatural power of hers. Thus, this cat influences the plot line to a certain level. It would encourage viewers to think broadly about a cat with powers.

8. Nichijou

Nichijou's cat character aspires to be respected in a household where his dreams would surely shatter. It is about a family who makes their cat with the help of a red scarf. The series features the desire of a cat and how he would want it to come true with the assistance of the red scarf he carries.

9. Nekopara

Cats cannot talk similarly to humans in the real world. Still, anime is infamous for changing reality, and that's what happens in Nekopar, where the audience witnesses cat girls that a family hires to help them run their bakery. This anime blends cats and fantasy elements to make the series more desirable and entertaining for the audience. The series would give viewers a different view of the world of cats.

10. My Roommate Is A Cat

People can surely grow into mature personalities if they learn to care for others, and cats are best for a fresher. The story is about a boy, his adopted cat, the struggles of having a cat, and their growing bond from both perspectives. The series is relatable for those with a cat as their pet because the struggles and bonds shown in this piece are very much real. Introducing a new member, specifically a pet, can change one's personality.