Article: 10 Thai Dramas About Friendship

Friends are the ‘biggest joy’ in our lives. They are friends but still have a massive impact on our lives. We start behaving and thinking similarly and love what the other person loves. They are unforgettable and meaningful. These dramas will make you remember your friends. Watch it with your friends or text a lost friend after watching these dramas. These dramas are refreshing and entertaining.

1. Love Beyond Frontier

The series is about a man who is determined to find his mother and travels to Thailand. But his bag gets exchanged with Win and Ple. He is disappointed when he learns that her mother has shifted and sees a girl living in the house. He falls in love with the girl, but Win is also in love with the same girl.

2. Wolf

The series is about five friends playing a game with different dreams. They chase strangers to earn massive amounts of money. Several people play the game to recover from past traumas, while others gain money. The lives of these people playing the game take a turn after agreeing to play the game.

3. Diary Of Tootsies 2

The story is about Gus spilling secrets of friends on a Facebook account. He was known as Miss Sha, the author of the page. After trying his luck with romance, he is on his mission to find true love.

4. Wake Up Ladies 2: Very Complicated

The series is about a young mother with twins giving her all, but her husband seems to disappear at night. Jane kickstarts her relationship with a YouTuber, but an annoying girl interrupts the two of them. A party freak decides to settle down with her long-term boyfriend. Aei overcomes her trauma with the help of the personal trainer. Dr. Nat is involved with a boy and continues to advise all these people.

5. Fun Fueng

The series is about a driver disguising himself as his boss and a servant pretending to be the owner by stealing her dresses. They both immediately fall in love. The boss also falls for the original owner and tells the driver to keep acting.

6. Fabulous 30

The series is about a workaholic and successful woman in her thirties. She has everything she dreams of, but her boyfriend breaks up with her suddenly. She decides to be as single as a Pringle. But she meets a boy seven years younger than her and falls in love with him.

7. Love You My Arrogance

The series is about a YouTuber with the power to read other people's minds. He doesn't enjoy his abilities and always puts on headphones. People think he is full of himself and unsubscribes from his YouTube channel. He meets a writer who makes him learn ways to use his abilities to his advantage.

8. Country Boy

The series is about a boy with a perfect life and many friends. The place was on the verge of getting bankrupt, so he decided to leave the village. He meets a boy from the same area, and they become friends.

9. Oum Ruk

The story is about a girl with good looks. She decides to stay in Thailand instead of moving to the States to fulfill her dreams. She meets a cranky photographer who tells her she can never become famous. After she becomes well-known, she ends up meeting the photographer at a party and ends up sleeping with him. She finds out that she is pregnant with his child.

10. The CEO 

The series is about a duo starting a business together. The friends try to overcome all the obstacles hand in hand and end up becoming successful. They never give up and are always focused on their goal.