Article: Top 10 Chinese Esports Dramas To Watch

Esports, a sport that we play on systems, is a form of video game in which players compete with each other. We aren't aware of how exciting these games can be. Esports dramas make you feel excited at one moment and nervous at another. When there are scenes of competition, it becomes so nerve-wracking that it gets hard for us to control our emotions. These dramas make you experience a roller coaster ride of emotions. Few dramas of this genre are:

1. Love O2O

Xiao Nai is a guy blessed with looks, education, basketball skills, and swimming talent. The thing he is most passionate about is gaming. He is a gaming expert and also the president of a gaming company. He plays an online game which is quite popular among the people. He accidentally gets to see a girl playing games with the same passion he plays. The girl is none other than Bei Wei Wei, a computer science student. She is very talented, be it in games or academics. Wei Wei is also famous for her gorgeous looks and is also known as the campus goddess. Xiao Nai immediately falls for this girl because of her gaming skills, which make her different from others. He decides to chase this girl in real life as he wants to capture her heart at any cost.

2. Go Go Squid

Han Shang Yan is an expert pro gamer, who was once a legend in CTF cyber security esports. He is very passionate about esports. After his sudden retirement from the game, Shang Yan has a team of young professional esports gamers. When one day Shang Yan's team loses a CTF competition, he goes to an internet cafe to clear up his thoughts. This internet cafe's owner is Tong Nian's cousin, who asked her a favor to look after the cafe that day. She is a computer science student and is also a famous online singer. Tong Nian immediately falls for Shang Yan and decides to pursue him with all her might. She learns about Shang Yan's legendary past and starts to love him more. Unaware of what esport is, she tries her best to understand it so that she can impress him. Shang Yan ignores Tong Nian initially, but her Persistent nature makes him soft to her. Tong Nian finds herself exploring the world of esports through Shang Nian's team. She even becomes their manager and tries her best to fight by their side.

3. The King’s Avatar

It's a story about Ye Xiu, a well-known player who plays with the name Ye Qui in the game glory. After suddenly being expelled from his professional team, he starts to work in an internet cafe as a manager. When the game launches its new server, he decides to start his gaming career again. Chen Guo Guo is the manager of the cafe where Ye Xiu works. She is a fan of Ye Xiu and is surprised to know that he has a similar name to his idol. One day Ye Xiu's manager observes his gaming skill on television. She gets convinced by his playing style that he is none other than his idol Ye Qiu. With time Ye Qui re-enters the gaming arena with a new weapon and a team that he had made himself to change the world of glory.

4. Gank Your Heart

Qiu Ying is a game streamer who came to stream the game of a famous esport team. She is given the task of interviewing the captain of that team. She is caught by a team member Ji Xiang Kong and misunderstood by him. He is a player who is famous for his good looks and rough personality. Xiang Kong leaves his team and starts to find a new team for himself. He keeps getting involved with Qiu Ying, who aspires to become an esport commentator. With Qiu Ying by his side, he starts to work on his flaws while repeatedly changing his team. Ultimately he makes up his team under the guidance of his former captain. His team includes the mates he has made after competing with different teams. Qiu Ying's brother also becomes a part of Xiang Kong's team. At the same time, Qiu Ying is mentored by a former player Luo Tian who falls for her and fights with Xiang Kong for her affection.

5. Cross Fire

A story about two passionate boys who overcome the hurdle of time through the game. Xiao Feng is a guy who lives in the year 2008 and he is an esport team leader of a team that is on the verge of breaking. Xiao Feng continues to chase his dream. Lu Xiao Bei a boy, living in the year 2019, is a genius in Esports. He wants to become a part of the professional team but is unfortunately not selected. In reality, he is a disabled guy, who wants to chase his dream of becoming a professional player just like his brother. One day a cosmic glitch occurs which helps these two guys living in different years to meet each other in the game. At first, they both try to subdue each other but later they help each other by fulfilling their dreams. They help each other to grow in the field of esports.

6. Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time

Wu Bai, popularly known as DT in esports, becomes the youngest star player through his hard work. He makes his team and participates in a robot wars competition. There he meets Ai Qing, his inspiration who inspired him to play esports. Ai Qing, with the help of Wu Bai, tries to promote the use of robots with the younger generation through competition. They want to spread awareness about the new technology and also want them to move ahead with time. Wu Bai's efforts and his skills make Ai Qing take an interest in him. She tries every possible means to pursue her dream and is very resourceful in her job. Her persistence makes Wu Bai attracted to her and, he starts to fall in love with her. The two of them understand each other and make every little effort to fulfill their dreams.

7. Falling Into Your Smile

ZGDX team is one of the most renowned teams in the famous esports game OPL. One of its members gets hurt and is not able to play. When the company decides to replace the player, the team's captain Lu Si Cheng is very picky about the player. Si Cheng is a guy with good looks, godly gaming skills, and good family background. The company decides to go with Tong Yao as their new member. Tong Yao is a passionate girl about her career in esports and is also a budding gamer in the industry. Si Cheng and Tong Yao's first meeting does not end on good terms. When they confront each other again at the dorm as fellow teammates, things get very awkward for Tong Yao. Si Cheng is very rational and helps her to adjust according to her teammates. Slowly Si Cheng begins to fall for Tong Yao, and she too starts to fall for her captain's charismatic personality.

8. You Are My Glory

Qiao Jing Jing is a famous star loved by everyone dearly. She gets into trouble when a video of her playing the game online goes viral. Jing Jing swears to play a game in front of everyone to save her face. When Jing Jing starts to play the game, she realizes that the guy she is playing with is none other than her school-time crush Yu Tu. He is now an Aerospace engineer and is very dedicated to his work. The thing Yu Tu enjoys besides his work is the game he plays daily. Jing Jing and Yu Tu meet each other again. They come close to each other while spending time together and end up falling for each other.

9. Love Scenery

Liang Chen is a famous singer blessed with a heavenly voice and good looks. She is in a dilemma where she signs up as an ambassador to represent a gaming company but does not know how to play. Liang Chen goes to her old friend for help, and he suggests to her a guy who has skills far superior to him. The guy is called Lu Jing, a handsome, intelligent university student who is very popular for his gaming skills. Liang Chen starts to play with Lu Jing and knows that the boy is a big fan of hers. In the beginning, it becomes difficult for Lu Jing to guide Liang Chen. Gradually she learns to play it well, and during the time they spend together, they start to fall for each other. When they come across each other, they immediately get attracted.

10. Out With A Bang

Professional Esport player Xiao Yi Chuan suffers from trauma that makes him unable to focus on his game well. He starts to find a suitable company for himself. Xiao Jiu Jiu is a girl who is very passionate about her work. She asks for a favor from Yi Chuan to save her face. He accepts to help her not because of her request but because he has been in love with Jiu Jiu the whole time. They met each other through an app where they chatted a lot and couldn't meet each other in reality. Yi Chuan often gets irritated as he thinks that he is the only one who remembers their relationship. Jiu Jiu applies for a job and gets selected by the esports company, where she is responsible for forming a new team in esports. Yi Chuan also joins this team along with many other players. The team faces a lot of trouble but manages to train themselves from these esports battles.