Article: Top 10 Homosexual Roles Played By Chinese Actors

Love knows no boundaries, be it age, or gender, or status. We are specifically discussing genderless romance. This has been accepted by the people more openly in recent times. Many countries have passed the same-sex marriage law in recent times. However, a society's mindset is highly influenced by films and televisions series, overall the media. Especially in Asia, the acceptance of the LGBTQ community is difficult as compared to other parts of the world. These actors have broken the norm of romancing the opposite sex on-screen and have promoted LGBTQ in society by the characters and roles they chose to play in their acting projects.

1. Leslie Cheung

Starting this list with the legend, that is Leslie Cheung. Leslie Cheung was a well-known and very popular actor-singer and performer. Leslie Cheung portrayed homosexual characters in the then-conservative film industry which was in the 1990s. In real life too Leslie Cheung stated that he was bisexual and was in a relationship with his male childhood friend, till his death. Leslie Cheung was diagnosed with clinical depression and died by suicide in 2003.


2. Yu Bo

The Chinese actor, Yu Bo has played a homosexual character, namely Xiao Bo in a Chinese film, Men and Women. The film Men and Women is a comedy-drama film. The film had cast openly gay characters. Yu Bo was born in 1976. He gained recognition for starring in the television series Treasure Raiders along with Nicky Wu in 2003.


3. Chen Sicheng

Chen Sicheng is another Chinese actor who has played a homosexual character in his career. In the movie Spring Fever, Chen Sicheng played a photographer who was hired to stalk and discover if his client was right about her husband having an affair. The movie got released in 2009, in this film Chen played a homosexual character.


4. Qin Hao

Another actor on this list starred in the film Spring Fever. Qin Hao starred as the lead character in this LGBTQ Chinese film. He gained recognition for starring in this film and the television series, The Bad Kids. Qin Hao played the lead role in the film Spring Fever, who is homosexual.


5. Hu Jun

The Chinese actor Hu Jun is one of the many actors who has played a homosexual role in his career. He starred in the film Lan Yu, where he played the character of Han Dong who inclined boys. The movie received several accolades upon its release.


6. Liu Ye

Liu Ye is a very well-known Chinese actor. Liu Ye has acted like a homosexual character in the film Lan Yu. Liu Ye played the titular character of Lan Yu in the film, Lan Yu. Liu Ye has been listed many times in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 over the years.


7. Ben Yuen

Ben Yuen was born in 1964. He is a Hong Kong actor. Ben Yuen has played a homosexual character who is retired and in his 60s in the film Suk Suk. In the film, he plays a single dad and falls in love with a 70-year-old man who is also the lead character of this film. The film was released in 2019.


8. Ray Chang

Ray Chang has played a homosexual character in the film Eternal Summer. The movie was released in 2006. For this movie, Ray Chang won the award for Best New Performer. This film involves friendship and love, where Jonathan, the character played by Ray Chang is going through a sexual identity crisis.


9. Gao Taiyu

Yao Yang or popularly known as Gao Taiyu has been the lead character of the LGBTQ drama A Round Trip to Love and its sequel A Round Trip to Love 2. The actor played Lu Feng who is the homosexual lead in the drama. The series was released in 2016.


10. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai

Ending the list with the actor-singer Tony Leung Chiu-wai. He was regarded as one of Asia's Greatest Actors of All Time by CNN. This legendary actor has also played a homosexual character. In the film Happy Together, he played the homosexual male lead where he was paired opposite Leslie Cheung.