Article: Top 10 Iconic K-Pop Collaboration That Does Not Feel Real

You have seen many K-pop artists collaborate with Western artists like Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and others. Correct? Many of these K-pop idols have collaborated with other Korean artists. This teamwork is unique and special. Do you ever think about what it feels like when your favorite idol collaborates with another icon? For some fans, their fantasy has come true. There are many collaborations in the entertainment industry, but some have caught the eye of many people across the globe. As more K-pop singers take creative control over their music, crossovers between different idols have become more common in recent years. Here are ten incredible unions that still feel unreal to many fans across the globe.

1. No Problem- Im Na Yeon And Lee Felix

TWICE and Stray Kids have been the most popular band in the Korean Music Industry. Do you listen to them? These two groups have gained fame and recognition around the world. We are sure you have your favorite preference. Im Na Yeon and Lee Felix are the most precious duo of most fans. This partnership was unexpected and surprised every K-pop fan around the world. When she released her solo album, no one expected the collaboration. Their song is called No Problem and is one of the most listened songs on the album. Have you heard their song No Problem?

2. Vibe- Taeyang And Park Jimin

There is no doubt that this song does not have a vibe. These two idols have broken the record of the South Korean Music industry. On Instagram, many idols dance to the iconic steps of the music. Taeyang is a competent and successful singer, and along with Park Jimin, he made the song a masterwork. You know, the iconic idol Park Jimin. Right? The mochi of BTS is known for his incredible voice and dance moves. Their iconic crossover has robbed the hearts of many fans around the world. You should listen to their song Vibe if you haven't yet.

3. Shoong!- Taeyang And Lisa

After releasing Vibe, he released another chef-d'oeuvre called Shoong! In his new song, he teamed with one of the best dancers of BLACKPINK, Lisa. The group BLACKPINK is known for its emphatic music and dance steps. This song is catchy and has an extraordinary and unique dance step. Their performance video has got many views. And the song Shoong! is impressive and loved by all fans around the globe. Lisa and Taeyang both have surprised all the fans with their song. You have to listen to Shoong! Song, It is worth it.

4. Eight- IU And Suga

The K-pop collaboration between IU and Suga for their track Eight in 2020 was a moment that stopped the world. Both stars are known for their exceptional songwriting and producing skills. Their song removes language barriers to offer comfort and warmth to their listeners. Have you listened to Eight? The rapper also released a song called People, and People- Part 2 featuring IU. Do you watch IU Pallete? If yes, then you have watched the live performance of eight. Recently, the artist appeared in a variety show called IU Pallete. Moreover, he performed the song Eight. It was a dream come true for all those fans who wanted to see them singing together their favorite song- Eight.

5. Dessert- Kim Hyo Yeon And Jeon So Yeon

If you have watched G-Idles song, you probably know So Yeon. The teamwork between Kim Hyo Yeon and Jeon So Yeon in the song Dessert was a masterpiece. The song was sweet and sassy, and her rap introduction was perfect. The artist even appeared in the song's music video, which made the collaboration even more exciting for the fans. The two famous female singers from their respective generations danced side by side. The dancing part made the fans love the song even more. Have you listened to Dessert yet?

6. Crazy Like You- Chungha And BIBI

You have heard many incredible songs of BIBI. Her melody is famous and listened to on many social platforms. Chungha is another- most listened-to K-pop artist in the South Korean Music Industry. They together made a song called Crazy Like You, which broke records. Have you listened to them? The song shows her sultry side and captivates listeners. The addition of BIBI's moody, smooth voice in the second verse makes the song even better. Crazy Like You is a music that is worth listening to.

7. Heart Stop- Lee Tae Min And Kang Seul Gi

Who would have thought that these two groups- Shinee and Red Velvet talented, lovable idols would make a masterwork called Heart Stop? These two extraordinary dancers have made the song more beautiful with their vocals. The voices beautifully convey the true feeling of the song, making it an outstanding collaboration. Their song Heart Stop is worth listening to at least once.

8. Hate That- Key And Taeyeon

Do you know these two talented idols? The two artists are called the chaotic duo of the South Korean Music Industry. Despite having cheerful and happy personalities, Key and Taeyeon have perfectly seized the emotions of lost love in Hate That. It's no wonder that the music has captured the hearts of many fans across the globe.

9. Blockbuster- Enhypen And Yeonjun

These two are the most famous idols of HYBE. Their collaboration is a dream come true for all the Engenes and MOA. Their fellowship is the most precious for both the fandoms. These two bands are known for their unique songs and their personalities. Yeonjun's powerful written rap verse suits the concept of the members. Have you listened to their song Blockbuster?

10. With You- Park Jimin And Ha Sung Woon

Have you watched the drama Our Blues? It has taught us many life lessons. With You is one of the most famous OSTs of the drama. The meaning of the music is ravishing, and the voices add beauty to it.