Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols From Whom Fans Want A Solo Album

K-pop idol groups have some of the most talented artists in the music industry. These groups have members who contribute differently to the group and shine because of their talent. Most K-pop idols get trained in vocals, rap, and dance, so they are multi-talented. Some K-pop idols are known to be famous among fans for their incredible talent when it comes to their music. These idols shine among fans for their melodious voice, powerful dance moves, or mind-blowing rap. They shine in their group because they stand out with their talent but do not overshadow their members and maintain harmony. Though these artists release music with their group, fans want a solo album that shows their full potential. In a solo album, the artist can show their full potential and make music with their vibe. With a solo album, the ideas, the songs and their lyrics, music videos, and choreography will solely represent the idol. And so, fans wish to see what kind of music their favorite K-pop idols would make with their solo albums. Here are some idols from whom fans are most excited to see a solo album.

1. Chanyeol- EXO

EXO member Chanyeol is one of the most talented 3rd generation K-pop idols. The idol is a rapper, sub-vocalist, lyricist and producer. Chanyeol is famous for his K-drama OSTs and collaborations with other musicians. He has also written many songs for his group EXO, including Love Shot, Kokobop, Chill, Lightsaber, and Promise. His OST Stay With Me with Punch is one of the most popular K-drama OSTs by any K-pop idol. Fans are anticipating his solo album because he has released various songs since his debut but never a solo album.

2. Taeil- NCT

Moon Taeil is a powerhouse vocalist. Taeil is an incredible singer whose voice mesmerizes people with how soulful it is. Taeil is known for hitting his high notes just as smoothly as his low registers. Taeil has a warm, dynamic voice which adds emotions and depth to music. Fans want him to release a solo album to showcase his incredible and soulful vocals.

3. Woozi- Seventeen

Woozi from Seventeen is a musical genius known for producing and writing more than 100 songs. He is his group's main producer and an incredibly talented vocalist. Not only does he write beautiful songs with heartfelt lyrics and mega-hits with their title tracks, but Woozi also has an incredible soft-toned voice and sharp dance moves. After his English single Ruby was released, fans have been looking forward to his solo album to see his talent in all its glory.

4. Hongjoong- Ateez

Ateez leader Hongjoong is an all-rounder idol. He is a producer, lyricist, and the group's main rapper. He has composed many songs for his group, wrote lyrics for many Ateez songs, and made new concepts on the show Kingdom. Hongjoong has a charismatic presence because of his unique rap tone and groovy dance style. Hongjoong makes incredible music and fans want to hear his solo album or mixtape for his unique and original music style.

5. Jaehyun- NCT

Jaehyun is an idol known for his captivating baritone. He has a beautiful lower register, and his voice is quite mesmerizing. His musicality and ability to project emotions through his singing are incredible. Along with being a breathtaking vocalist, Jaehyun is also a good rapper. His rapping is low-toned and drops fans' jaws. Fans often fawn over his performance because Jaehyun is a talented vocalist, rapper, and fluid dancer. He has released solo songs for NCT Lab and made various covers, so fans surely want an album from him.

6. Minnie- (G) I-dle

(G)I-DLE member Minnie is their main vocalist and has some of the most stand-out vocals in their songs. Minnie is famous for having a unique vocal tone. She has a light and breathy voice and her voice captivates anyone who listens to her or watches her perform. Her range is diverse because Minnie hits high notes, as well as, low, delicate registers. She is also a tremendous dancer and captures the attention of everyone with her all-rounder performance skills.

7. Mark- NCT

Mark Lee from NCT is a multi-talented gem in the industry. He is an ace in K-pop, known for being a powerful performer. Mark writes his lyrics, is often one of the best dancers, and even produces his music and plays instruments sometimes. He has a very unique tone and adds his vibe when he raps and sings. The idol has his music for NCT Lab, and fans praise him for being able to sing as incredibly as he raps and dances. Fans look forward to hearing his solo album in all its glory to see his phenomenal and creative talent.

8. Han- Stray Kids

Stray Kids member Han is an all-rounder idol and a vital part of his group. He is also a member of their producing and rapping unit 3Racha and was known even before his debut for his music on platforms like Soundcloud. Han has a unique rhythm and flow when he raps and fans like it because it is different and fun. He also is a great dancer and his performances are a joy to watch. Han has produced and written many solo songs like Run, Volcano, Close, and Happy. Fans cannot wait for his solo album to see his artistic talent.

9. Heeseung- Enhypen

Enhypen member Heeseung is from the newer generations of K-pop, but his talent shines bright among many. He has incredible musicality and is a charismatic performer. He always stuns fans with his vocal range and ability. Fans often praise his dancing as his movements are sharp and expressive. Heeseung has always captivated fans with his performances, where he shows his duality and drops many jaws. He also has song covers on YouTube and dance performances where you can see how he is a top-tier idol. Fans cannot wait for his solo album, which will show his glorious talent that keeps growing and shining more with time.

10. Yeonjun- TXT

Yeonjun was known as the legendary trainee of his company because he was always the best in rap, vocals, and dance. His incredible abilities only shined more after his debut because he is one of the most talented idols in the 4th generation of K-pop. Yeonjun is a captivating performer and charms the audience with his low tone and sometimes aggressive rap, powerful but sensual dancing. Yeonjun is a natural performer, and fans want a solo album where he showcases all his abilities.