Article: Top 10 Best K-Drama Osts That We Could Listen To 24/7

At the moment, K-dramas are widespread everywhere. In addition to offering the best OST line-up, they also deliver a magnificent narrative. Dramatic tunes are usually splendid and perfectly suited to the scene. They make you grin. They bring you to tears. Scenes are enhanced by these OSTs, making them memorable and more powerful. You find yourself entering their world along with them. Most of the time, well-known singers and K-pop stars considered to be idols record the OSTs, which elevate the drama even further. You need to include these fantastic OSTs on your playlist. So, let's look at the top 10 K-Drama best OSTs we could listen to 24/7.

1. Stay With Me – Chanyeol, Punch (goblin/guardian: The Lonely And Great God) 

The most renowned OST of all time is this one. Stay With Me, sung by Chanyeol and Punch of EXO, has had more than 300 million views on YouTube, making it the first K-drama OST MV ever. Their voices merge to provide a piece of incredible music that is quite calming. With a subdued piano melody placed over the hazy electric guitar sound, the song has a fantastic and surreal sense that is quite pleasing to the ear. In addition, the song's opening music is highly appealing.


2. Everytime - Chen & Punch (Descendants Of The Sun)

Everytime's positive attitude captured the attention of many listeners. A passionate duet by Chen and Punch captures the fluttering feelings of falling in love. Punch's opening phrases are followed by Chen's voice harmonizing. Everytime, which features catchy vocals and exceptional lyrics, presents the open confessions of a person who is honestly in love. It's a gorgeous rendition of a very soulful song. Actual work of art! 


3. This Love - Davichi (Descendants Of The Sun) 

The sorrow of This Love proves positive that the vocal duet Davichi never fails to produce captivating ballads. In This Love, understated piano chords play a crucial role before developing into a power ballad that provides the musical framework for all of the drama's most emotionally charged scenes. The pair's tranquil vocals have successfully emphasized the lyric’s adoring sentiments and longing for a mate, which at the same time are both calming and potent.


4. For You - Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin (Moon Lovers)

For Baekhyun's part in the well-known Korean drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Hearts Ryeo, EXO-CBX claimed they sang on the original soundtrack. ChenBaeXi's voice was excellent throughout this composition, with a melody that adequately captures the storyline of the television program. You wouldn't want to miss the music video's exquisite creation and the vocalist’s incredibly calm vocal performance, which jointly give a peek at the protagonist’s tragic story.


5. My Destiny – Lyn (My Love From The Star)

Since Do Min Jun is an alien who has spent 400 years on earth, the drama centers on two people who presumably aren't supposed to meet each other. The song does a great job of portraying both this game of chance and the protagonist’s perplexity over love.


6. If I Die, It’s You – Bts’s Jin And V (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior)

This upbeat song, composed by Oh Jun Sung, serves as the Hwarang elite group's anthem. Members of BTS Kim Seok Jin and Kim Taehyung, aka Jin and V, perform the vocals. Additionally, Han Sung, played by V, was the character in which he made his acting debut. 


7. Beautiful - Crush (Guardian: The Lonely And Great God)

With its catchy song selection, the album is unquestionably worthy of the accolades and publicity it has received for the past five years. Beautiful is one of the show's most well-liked songs, and it frequently plays during cute and adorably romantic episodes. The incredible instrumentation and Crush's sublime vocals have given life to the feelings that the scenes have attempted to portray. The melody of the song is depressing and delivered over a piano arrangement. The lyrics and the background music create an emotional atmosphere that moves the listeners.


8. Sweet Night – Bts's V (Itaewon Class)

Kim Taehyung of BTS, popularly known by his stage as V, has written, produced, composed, written, and performed one of the most popular K-drama OSTs of 2020, titled Sweet Night. A vocalist's in-depth voice, combined with the warmth of the theme and whistling that gradually fades away at the conclusion, singing over the tunes of an acoustic guitar, is enough to make anyone fall in love with the song, Sweet Night. It's a mesmerizing soothing song.


9. Christmas Tree - V (Our Beloved Summer)

Christmas Tree is a great song that features the sweet and heavenly vocals of BTS V over a calming auditory guitar arrangement. The instrumental piece's simple structure highlights V's style and vigor. Another enhancement to the music and words is his captivating voice. The soundtrack to this Korean drama continues to break records. It's a peaceful and lovely song.


10. Love, Maybe - Melomance (Business Proposal) 

MeloMance is a well-liked musical duet composed of vocalist Kim Min Seok and pianist Jung Dong Hwan. Due to its warm and resonant tone, their OST Love, Maybe too, attracted a lot of attention. Kim Sejeong, the hero of the Business Proposal movie, performed the song acoustically for a bonus track also made available. This song, which has adorably sweet lyrics, perfectly captures the bond between Ha-ri and Tae-moo.