Article: Top 10 K-Drama Friendships That Gave Us Squad Goals

We all aspire to have a close-knit group of friends that we can always rely on, just as a particular group of characters in a K-drama series. A Korean drama's lifeblood maybe romance, but the story's progress hinges on friendships. It's hard not to admit that at some point, you've also wanted to be a part of one of these groups with a bond this fun and a support system so good! These shows have powerful friendship dynamics. These relationships highlight the most paramount life values—loyalty, honesty, and trust—while adding humor and brevity to every scenario. All K-drama fans undoubtedly have a soft spot in their hearts for these classic teams, which are among the most well-known. They're also unquestionably goals! Below listed are the top 10 K-Drama friendships that gave us squad goals.

1. Company Five (Crash Landing On You)

The extraordinary synthesis of Keum Eun-dong, Kim Ju-muk, Park Kwang-beom, and Pyo Chi-su is known as Company Five. The warm camaraderie amongst Captain Ri's closest buddies has kept us infected with #CLOY fever up to this point, along with CLOY's heart-breaking conclusion. Even though they were just Yoon Se-ri's companions for a brief period, they made sure that every second counted and did everything in their power to keep her safe. The Crash Landing on You team of North Korean troops will win you over with their fierce yet endearing personalities.


2. Ssangmundong Squad (Reply 1998) 

Childhood pals who make up this Ssangmundong squad from Reply 1988 are the model of true friendship. Despite having wildly different personalities, the children of Ssangmundong—the upbeat Sung Deok-sun, the model student Sung Sun-woo, the all-knowing nerd Ryu Dong-ryong, the soccer fanatic Kim Jung-hwan, and the brilliant baduk player Choi Taek—have an incredible sense of connection. They had been hanging around and frequenting one other's homes for a long time. Even though they've had a few funny little fights, they always have each other's backs when things become challenging. The Original Squad of All Time serves as a true and accurate illustration of how real friends help us shape who we are and how we grow as people.


3. Swagg Squad (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

Bok-Joo, Sun-ok, and Nan-hee are weightlifting competitors that make up the Swag Squad. Whether they're having a good time at karaoke or bawling their eyes out in their rooftop hiding place, these buddies are never afraid to let free around one another. They rush to each other with bear hugger hugs when they miss one another. They dramatically disregard or holler at one another when they're angry with one another. These three demonstrated how much more pleasant and manageable life is when facing your lowest points with your closest friends. They unquestionably imparted the value of never leaving our chingus (friends) behind.


4. Fantastic Four (Fight For My Way)

Friendship and love all at once! You will undoubtedly be motivated to pursue your goals and inspired by this group from Fight For My Way to carry out your passions regardless of what others may think. The Fantastic Four's friendship is remarkable, in my opinion.


5. DanBam Squad (Itaewon Class)

We still have fond remembrances of the Danbam squad! We learn from the Itaewon Class that friendship transcends our differences in gender, color, upbringing, and socioeconomic standing. Given that they overcome so much together to make their restaurant and bar successful, their friendship transcends only their professional relationship.


6. Mido and Falasol (Hospital Playlist)

It's clear that their friendship, which has lasted 20 years, is solid because they continued to look out for one another as they dealt with adult-level life-changing situations. This program is characterized by kind deeds, amusing exchanges, and oddball personalities, with the overarching message of standing by one another through good times and bad. They resumed relishing their regular outside work as a band despite leading hectic lives inside the gates of Yulje Medical Center, and they serenaded us with a song each week to cap off each episode.


7. Hwarang Squad (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth)

Five brash young combatants—Sam Maek-jong, Suk Han-sung, Moo-Myung, Park Ban-Ryu, and Kim Yeo-wool, Soo Ho-rang—serve as the central characters in the Hwarang narrative. These courageous individuals exemplified what a knight in shining armor should be. The friendship between these endearing men never ceases to make our hearts skip a beat, although they got off to a bad start.


8. Twenty-Five, Twenty-One 

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One is among the top K-dramas of 2022. The drama shows Na Hee Do and Ko Yu Rim's developing friendship, which is highlighted by small displays of tenderness, despite being essentially a story of love. It includes getting each other out of a sticky media-related scenario, recalling crucial information, and quietly turning the fan to face the other during a strenuous, sweaty training session. Despite being rivals owing to their profession, they support, laugh, and cry with one another.


9. Samsan Tech (Start-up)

Three individuals, Nam Do San, Lee Chul San, and Kim Yong San make up the Samsan tech squad. Because all of these humorous men's names contain the letter San, they decided to call their tech company Samsan Tech when they created it. Their shared experience with enduring the worst while maintaining their friendship makes it the best. They are best renowned for their outstanding abilities in AI creation, which paved the way for the remainder of their career. They may fight frequently, but as soon as they are no longer hot under the collar, they are back at it. They saw themselves as more like a family than anything else.


10. Waikiki Squad (Welcome To Waikiki)

Welcome to Waikiki helped us laugh all of our troubles away. There was never a dull time with the Waikiki squad on the scene—we can't get enough of them! Despite having different skill sets and personalities, the aspiring director, the eccentric actor, and the independent writer collaborated to open the Waikiki guest home in Itaewon to cover the costs of their future film production.