Article: Top 10 Famous Negative K-Drama Characters Which Fans Could Never Forget

Just try to picture a K-Drama without a villain. It is similar to cuisine without salt.  When creating an engaging and thrilling K-drama, sometimes all it takes is a terrifying and vicious antagonist. The main protagonist's happiness isn't the only thing striking K-drama villains do to them. Instead, they act as a contrast to the main character, highlighting how they are distinct from one another. Congratulation to these outstanding performers for portraying the superbly developed evil roles so convincingly! Below are the top 10 famous negative K-Drama characters which fans could never forget.

1. Jang Joon-Woo In Vincenzo 

Taecyeon of 2 PM portrays Jang Jong-woo, a psychopath who poses as an innocent intern at Wusang Law Firm while being the head of Babel. He physically and emotionally abuses and coerces his sibling. He also relishes inflicting harm on his subordinates through his malicious activities. Han Seok is a psychopath who is capable of murdering his loved ones. Ok Taecyeon gained the respect of the audience for his superb acting ability. He was at the height of wickedness since he killed while laughing about it and showed no regret.


2. Chairman Jang Dae-Hee In Itaweon Class 

The repulsive CEO of Jangga Food, Chairman Jang, conceals illicit activity beneath his organization. Jang Dae Hee excels at capturing the vicious element of his character, as seen by the intensity with which his mere presence on screen elicits rage throughout the whole series. The main protagonist, Sae Roy (main lead), and his group of friends must succeed in destroying him because of his evil nature. Even though he built his small pub into a successful franchise business, avarice and power heavily influenced the values he held. 


3. Kim Joo-young In Sky Castle 

Only wealthy families in Sky Castle can use the tutoring services of Kim Joo-young, an intelligent but cunning individual. Her entire life, she has had a great deal of stress and sorrow, which has left her psychologically and emotionally ill and led to her harming students. She subtly and steadily undermines their mental stability and endangers their lives by brainwashing and manipulating their brains. She is willing to kill someone if necessary to get her way and is capable of doing anything and everything to achieve her goals. 


4. Joo Dan Tae In The Penthouse 

In the crime-thriller series The Penthouse, Joo Dan Tae plays the role of a manipulative control freak. He is a solipsistic psychopath who physically and emotionally harms his family, is prepared to kill to protect himself, has no sense of guilt, and would prefer to glimpse everyone else sorrow than have his dignity crushed. He has not had an empathetic bone in his body; he has never experienced love and delights in exercising control over everyone. He can carry out practically any horrible conduct one can imagine.


5. Min Joon Gook In I Can Hear Your Voice 

In the legal-fantasy series, I Can Hear Your Voice, Min Joon-gook plays a spooky killer. Your spine will tingle at the unrelenting crooked smiles he continuously delivers to the victim's families in court. He puts his phone at the homes of his victims and plays pranks on them using its weird ringtone. For murdering a person he held a grievance against, he received a 10-year sentence. After being freed, he becomes vengeful toward the witnesses.


6. Lee Jae Kyung In My Love From The Star

Among all-time great villains, Lee Jae Kyung ranks high. The fantasy-romance drama My Love From The Star features greedy psychopath Lee Jae Kyung. He relentlessly pursues hurting Cheon Song Yi, a well-known actress and the high school buddy of his brother, and he is the heir to the S&C Group. No matter how wicked what he wants to achieve is, he is incredibly enthusiastic and determined to execute it. The whole purpose of all of this is to protect him. He has an unmistakable, terrifying presence on the small screen.


7. Baek Hee Sung In Flower Of Evil 

In the suspense-thriller series Flower Of Evil, the serial killer is Baek Hee-sung. He is a serial murderer who exhibits a striking lack of emotional or cognitive control. He takes advantage of his family to conceal his mental illness and assist him in covering up his misdeeds. He is the kind of enigmatic psychopath who is skilled in suppressing and killing people covertly.



8. Kim Jang Hyuk In Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon's primary antagonist Kim Jang Hyuk is that one K-drama villain that everyone finds weird and frightening from both his visuals and deeds. In this specific series, the crime plot was entirely at odds with how we felt when watching the two central actors. He kidnaps young, attractive, and trim women, dresses them up like brides, and imprisons them in chains in a hidden location beneath the junkyard. In addition, he was sporting a frightening mask that was quite spooky. Jang Mi Kwan performed flawlessly in his first part, which was also his debut!x


9. Seo Moon Jo In Strangers From Hell 

Lee Dong Wook had a smile that could compete with flowers before Strangers From Hell and was always adorable. The suspicious smirk he possesses, nevertheless, has become something iconic in the K-drama industry and gives you the chills every time you watch this series. Seo Moon Jo is a sociopath, and his portrayal in the drama is horrifying. He is the head of Eden Dormiarty, a training facility for the most heinous methods of murder.


10. Park Haeng Ja In It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

A K-Drama fan will never forget the biggest plot twist in It's Okay to Not Be Okay. Due to her kind and polite personality and acts that demonstrated she just desired what was best for the hospital's patients, it was nearly difficult for us to develop a distrust of her. To ensure that her daughter would be like her—a monster—she tried to coerce Moon Young into killing her by stabbing her at the drama's conclusion. In addition, she brutally murdered Sang Tae and Gang Tae's mother, leaving the two orphans at such a young age. Not to mention how Gang Tae, who had previously had a PTSD diagnosis, was left with a trauma related to butterflies because of that incident.x