Article: Top 10 Thai Actors Actively Engaged In Sports

Sports is a very fun way to stay fit, some people turn on to sport for their health while some genuinely are sports enthusiasts, but either way, sports have various positive effects both on our mental and physical health. In this article, we will list ten Thai actors who are known as sports enthusiasts of the Thai entertainment industry. Seeing them enjoy their favorite sports might as well make you want to play your favorite sports right away. Keep on reading to know if your favorite Thai actor is a sports Maniac. These Thai actors are known as active and their fitness level will prove the same!

1. Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong

Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong is a rising young Thai actor and model. The Thai artist debuted in the entertainment industry in 2017. Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong has excellent athletic abilities and takes part in sports regularly, before debuting in the entertainment industry he wanted to pursue professional golfing. Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong had revealed that Tiger Woods was his inspiration for Golfing. However, Prem left golfing to pursue acting.


2. Nickhun

Nickhun is another Thai superstar who is known to be super active and enjoys different sports regularly. The k-pop idol is known to have trained in Badminton for five years in hopes of pursuing it as a career. Though destiny had different plans he ended up becoming a member of the k-pop group, 2pm which is one of the legendary 2nd generation k-pop groups. Nickhun is regularly spotted taking part in several sports shows.


3. Mark Prin

Mark Prin is undeniably one of the most popular Thai actors of this current Generation. However, many fans don't know that Mark Prin had once competed in a National Level competition as a Judo player. He was known to be an excellent Judo player during his schooling. Even now he is often seen practicing Judo.


4. Richy Oranate

Richy Oranate is a Thai actress who is popular for taking active participation in sports, especially badminton. The actress used to be a badminton player debuting in the entertainment industry. Even after maintaining a successful acting career, Richy participated as a badminton player in the 47th National College Games in 2020, her team later won the gold medal.


5. Temfah Krisanayuth

Temfah Krisanayuth is a multi-talented artist in the Thai Entertainment Industry. She is an actor, singer, model, and gymnast. The multi-talented artist can often be seen taking part in gymnastics. She has even won many gymnastic tournaments since a young age.


6. August Vachiravit

August Vachiravit is a rising young Thai actor. He rose to fame when he starred in the BL series, Love Sick: The Series. The actor is known to have amazing athletic skills. He often takes part in sports like Tennis. The actor has even knowledge of sports science as he graduated from the department of Sports science and sports health, Faculty of Allied Health Science.


7. Min Pechaya

Min Pechaya is a Thai actress and model who is one of the athletic artists of the Thai Entertainment Industry. The actress is known to be a basketball player before her debut in The entertainment industry.


8. Tanin Manoonsilp

Tanin Manoonsilp is another Thai actor who takes an active part in sports. The actor has been known as a tennis and basketball enthusiast. He has amazing skills in, both sports, along with acting of Course! The talented artist has many skills, he can even play the piano and guitar.


9. Tubtim Anyarin Terathananpat

Tubtim Anyarin Terathananpat who is popularly known as Tubtim is a multifaceted artist of the Thai Entertainment Industry. She is an actress, TV host, model, and figure skater. Tubtim is another Thai artist who turns to sports along with exercise to stay fit and maintain her figure.


10. Shahkrit Yamnam

Shahkrit Yamnam is a Thai actor who is quite popular in Thailand. The actor is known as a football enthusiast in the Thai entertainment industry.