Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Of Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook is a top Hallyu star who is an actor and a model. He rose to international fame and recognition when he starred in the 2005 drama ‘My Girl.’ He got famous across Asia and was titled one of the Hallyu stars from then. Since then, Dong Wook has appeared in many significant projects. He is renowned for his Bromance role in Goblin, Bad And Crazy, and Tale of the Nine-tailed. Nicknamed as a living Vampire because he’s aging like a fine wine. He looks twenty even after reaching his 40s. Here is the list of the top 10 Korean Dramas by Lee Dong Wook.

1. Goblin

Lee Dong Wook played his most memorable as the Grim Reaper in the internationally acclaimed drama Goblin. The bromance of the Grim reaper with Goblin made fans laugh and brought comedic relief to the drama. The fans were crazy about his chemistry with the female actress that they wanted a separate drama. He played the role of King Wang Yeo, who later became a Grim Reaper in his next life.

2. Touch Your Heart

After the popularity of Goblin, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na got their separate drama as leads where they could showcase the chemistry they couldn’t succeed in Goblin. The drama revolves around a lawyer who meets a struggling celeb, and later both come to have feelings for each other. The drama unravels the chemistry and stories of both people.

3. Strangers From Hell

Lee Dong Wook played the role of Seo Moon Jo, a mysterious dentist who lived in a strange neighborhood. He seemed to involve in the murder of the neighbors who used to rent a flat in the apartment he used to reside. He acted as a psychopath whose influence was enough to kill someone mentally.

4. Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

Lee Dong Wook played the role of Lee Yeon, a Gumiho. The fans love chemistry with Kim Bum, who acted as his brother Rang in the drama. The drama revolves around the Life of the Gumiho brothers, who went through many hurdles just to become each other’s enemies. The audience loved the bromance aspect of the drama.

5. Bad And Crazy

Lee Dong Wook played the role of a corrupt detective in this drama. Belonging from a low-income family and with just a high school degree, he made a profound position for himself in the Anti-Corruption Department. He later meets a crazy guy called K, who brings him on the right path, serving the Justice wherever and whenever needed.

6. Life

Lee Dong Wook played the role of doctor Ye Jin Woo. The drama revolves around the life of doctors at a hospital. The doctors have the authority to save their patients, but they could have been overthrown at any time. The drama involves a lot of politics. The hospital has established for the public interest and health, but people in power misuse their authority.

7. My Girl

Lee Dong Wook gained international fame as a Hallyu star after starring in the 2005 drama ‘My Girl.’ The story depicts the story of Gong Chan, who desperately wants to find his cousin’s sister. He seeks help from the female lead and asks her to pretend as her cousin’s sister. However, things went haywire when both of them starts developing feelings for each other.

8. Hotel King

Lee Dong Wook played the character of Jae wan in the drama. The drama revolves around an ambitious woman who works hard to maintain the prestige of her 7-star hotel and her manager. The manager secretly seeks revenge on the late chairman. The two falls in love with each other, and the drama unravel a shocking secret.

9. Scent Of A Woman

Lee Dong Wook portrayed the role of Kang Ji Wook. The drama revolves around the love story of people who has been given numbered days to live. The female lead, on finding out that she has few days to live, and she resigns from her desk job. She decided to live her numbered days to the fullest. The drama gave immense popularity to Lee Dong Wook.

10. Bubblegum

Lee Dong Wook played the character of Park Ri Wan in Bubblegum. The drama depicts the love story of childhood friends. Despite differences, they both find comfort in each other. Park Ri wan is a doctor who takes care of his family, and Kim Haeng Ah, a Dj Producer, lives an adventurous Life.