Article: Top Ten Thai Artists Who Played The Villain Role

Some of the finest fiction writing features iconic antagonists, ranging from Darth Vader to Count Dracula. Villains assist in defining your story's hero, drive the conflict, and draw the reader. As a result, antagonists are equally vital as heroes in your tale. Here are some Thai actors who play villains.

1. Preaw Tussaneeya

Preaw Tussaneeya will portray a villain in the new Thai channel seven drama "Buang Wimala," with Mik Thongraya and Pupe Kessarin, according to a source.


2. Pim Pimprapa

She will play a villain character in the new We TV drama remake “Mia Luang” alongside New Wongsakorn and Tak Bongkod.


3. Cheer Thikumporn

Cheer Thikumporn is said to be playing a villain for the first time in the upcoming ONE 31 drama "Leh Luang."


4. Chotika Wongwilas 

Marathree from the Khun Chai series is another villain. Her love for the leading man, and wanted to fulfil a promise made by Khun Chai Pat's father to her that one of his five sons would marry her or one of her two sisters and the fact that she didn't care whether he'd fallen for someone else makes her really unlikeable. All she wanted to do was to marry him.


5. Tah Warit Tipgomut

Lan Yong Wen is the villain from the drama Cubicle. He is by many because he seemed to be on the side of the main characters while wishing to be the boss of the mafia gang. He even claimed that his wife committed suicide when, in fact, he murdered her.


6. Thanakorn Posayanon

So, he was despised since he practices dark magic, is a creep, causes spirits to possess people, attempts to stop the heroine. He. also tried to kill a critical character with a ghost and so much more.


7. Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit

Sirium Pakdeedumrongrit, often known as 'Ann,' is a Thai television actress born half Thai and half American. She has been acting since 1989 and has been in several high-rated Channel 7 programs. Ann Sirium is currently self-employed in the beauty sector.


8. Chippy Sirin

Chippy Sirin made her acting debut in the 2013 Thai TV3 drama "The Sixth Sense 2." She plays the character of 'Benja' or 'Pancha' in this TV drama.


9. Mint Chalida

Mint Chalida co-starred with Taew Natapohn in the 2009 Thai TV3 drama "Dong Poo Dee".


10. Kwan Usamanee

Kwan Usamanee co-starred with Poo Praya Lundberg in the 2004 fantasy Thai Channel 7 TV drama "Sao Noi Tha Kieng Kaew 2."