Article: Top Ten K-Dramas With A Badass Female Lead

Irrespective of the genre or language, strong women leads have been gaining a unique fanbase these days. Continue reading this article to become familiar with some of the most badass female leads in Korean dramas.


1. Hotel De Luna

De Luna is a magical hotel that only entertains dead people. The living isn’t welcome here. Long ago, Jang Man Wol made the terrible mistake of killing innocents, because of which she got stuck as the CEO of De Luna. She is temperamental, greedy, has a sour mouth, maintains the hotel with extreme strictness, and is a beautiful lady. Despite being rigid, Jang Man Wol is always ready to fight for those who matter to her.


2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Kim Bok Joo is an aspiring female weightlifter. Unlike many females of her age, she doesn’t have much experience in dating. Kim spends most of her time practicing to become even better. Kim Bok Joo practices so much that she gets calluses on her hands, causing her to lose her naturally soft hands. All of this makes her feel like she isn’t feminine enough. But when she thinks about her life’s goal, all these troubles start looking small. Inspired by the real-life events of the female weightlifter Jang Mi Ran, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and has successfully shown its viewers that there is nothing too feminine or too less feminine.


3. Crash Landing On You

Yoon Se Ri is a successful businesswoman and a chaebol heiress. She is fearless, outspoken, and has a confident personality. Being the illegitimate child of the Yoon family, she learned at a very young age to take care of herself and became a very independent lady. Se Ri grew up to become a fierce yet graceful lady.


4. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Ko Moon Young is a successful childrens’ literature writer. Though her books make it seem like she is a warm and soft-hearted person, the truth couldn’t be any further. In reality, Ko Moon Young has an anti-social personality disorder, and so she seems to be rude, arrogant, and a little full of herself. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, attempts to educate its viewer on the troubles that come with early childhood emotional abuse and how it can manifest itself.


5. Vincenzo

Hong Cha Young is a successful lawyer at a law firm whose clientele consists of the rich yet morally indefinite. She is knowledgeable and resourceful and knows all the tricks of the trade. Hong Cha Young initially had no intentions to present any poor person because they wouldn’t be able to pay for her service. But her view begins to change after her father gets murdered after representing a beggarly man against a famous pharmaceutical company.


6. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Do Bong Soong comes from a family whose women have been gifted with superhuman strength for a long time. Though her physical appearance may seem petite and weak, her true self could easily lift a truck with one hand. Bong Soon is always trying to use her strength for proper use by helping those in need. But during one such event, she ends up losing her magical ability. It isn’t until she accepts her mistake from the bottom heart that she is gifted her strength back.


7. Search: WWW

Search: WWW tells the story of not one but three strong and independent women. They work in the IT industry, and all hold respectful and high-status posts in their respective companies. The women are competitive and determined when it comes to achieving their goals. As a viewer, you’d expect to see typically stereotypical things. Like the three ladies blackmailing and backstabbing each other, But the show ended up breaking this stereotype by showing the women empowering and encouraging each other. The women in the show help each other fix their crowns.


8. Mother

Kang Soo Jin works as a substitute teacher at an elementary school. At the same time, she is also bird research and enthusiast. She takes pride in her work and tries her best to give her absolute best both as a teacher and a researcher. Soo-Jin is hardworking, caring, and very loving towards the young children of her class. She does not stand for what she thinks is wrong, so when a young girl in her class shows signs of abuse, Soo Jin decides to ‘kidnap’ her to get her away from the torture. Kang Soo Jin’s character is warm yet firm. She portrays how to balance oneself perfectly in all kinds of situations.


9. Itaewon Class

Cho Yi Seo is a hard-headed and ambitious girl. She is a successful social media influencer and blogger. But due to her outspoken and somewhat rude personality, Yi Seo is seen as a sociopath by her peers. Yi Seo takes pride in her work and carries herself out with utmost diligence. She stands for whatever she believes is right and fights against the wrong. It was because of such personality traits that she ended up helping Park Sae-Ro-Yi. Cho Yi Seo sets a clear example of how people in power, even of the small kind, can and should put their resources to good use by helping others.


10. Fight For My Way

Choi Ae Ra is a young woman working as a receptionist at a mall, trying her best to make ends meet. Ae Ra dreams of being a TV anchor, but she lacks the professional education and experience to qualify as an anchor. But despite every low, Choi Ae Ra believes in herself and works hard to fulfill her dreams.