Article: Top 10 Mistakes And Mishaps That Made K-pop Idols Cry

K-pop Idols endure hard training to be a perfectionist, but when you're a performer, it's only natural to make mistakes or get your performance disrupted by a miss happening. The World looks at K-pop idols as these shiny, bright individuals who are supposed to remain calm under every circumstance, but they are human, and like every human, K-pop idols panic and cry. Here is the list of the top 10 mistakes and mishaps that made these K-pop Idols cry.

10. Taeyeon Got Dragged By A Crazy Fan

In 2011, Girls' Generation was performing their song "Run Devil Run" at Lotte World Ice Rink when suddenly a crazy fan sneaked on stage and tried to drag Taeyeon off the stage with him. The MC of the show and a few Girls' Generation members ran to help save Taeyeon from this crazy fan. Everyone was shocked, including other girl group members. Taeyeon was startled yet managed the whole situation bravely, but this incident made her cry off-stage.

9. Joy Got Electrocuted By An Earpiece

While performing their debut song "happiness" on May 26, Joy from Red velvet collapsed on stage mid-performance. Before falling, Joy grabbed her head, making the audience panic. She received the utmost attention from the group, with Yeri and Irene assisting in lifting her. Some fans claim to have witnessed sparks flowing from Joy's earpiece during her performance. Therefore, it appears that her earpiece caused the problem. Despite that, Joy recovered in a couple of seconds and completed the performance like a great professional. But this incident did leave trauma in Joy's mind and made her cry afterwards.

8. Txt Can Not Forget This Mistake

In a recent interview with Seventeen magazine, TXT revealed that during one of their rehearsal performances for Music Bank, they accidentally danced to "Blue Orangeade" Instead of dancing to their other song, "Crown." The members expressed how they can now laugh looking back at that moment, but it was a painful moment back then. It turned out to be Beomgyu's fault, so he apologized. All the members agreed they could never forget this stage mistake that made them cry.

7. Jin Cried Because Of Embarrassment

It was BTS' debut stage with their debut song "No More Dreams" on June 13, 2013, at a music show when Jin faced an embarrassing incident that made him shed tears after his first ever performance. Behind-the-scene footage shows that Jin started crying after getting off the stage because he had a wardrobe malfunction and his pants kept falling. Jin stated that it distracted him from giving his best and made him think he had ruined one of his life's most important performances.

6. Jungkook Slipped During His Solo

On April 7, 2019, during BTS' Bangkok concert, Jungkook was performing his successful solo song "Euphoria" when he slipped on confetti. Although Jungkook got back up as soon as he fell and continued dancing as if nothing happened, while he signalled the fans that he was alright through a hand gesture, that fall was pretty intense and impacted him. After the performance, Jungkook teared up. This incident was not the first time Jungkook cried because he made a mistake on stage. In 2018, Jungkook had tears in his eyes after one of his performances at Jamsil stadium due to a minor error that was unnoticeable to fans.

5. Jimin’s Meltdown Because Of A Voice Crack

BTS’ Documentary "Burn the Stage" revealed that just after Jimin's Solo performance of "Lie" during the 2017 Wings tour in Chile, Jimin had a meltdown and started crying out of frustration. According to Jimin, he messed up the performance with a voice crack, and his microphones kept slipping. Jimin mentioned that his throat was in bad condition and gave him a hard time delivering a flawless performance, leading him to cry uncontrollably.

4. Sinb Cried Because She Fainted

G-Friend was performing at an event on November 3, 2016, at Jeonbuk University, where fans began to notice that SinB was having trouble standing up straight. SinB appeared unwell, and suddenly, she collapsed on the stage. Other team members came to her help right away. Fans were shocked and concerned that this might result from exhaustion due to an overly packed work schedule. SinB didn't take it well and cried on her way to the hospital. However, she appeared on the stage the next day with a smile.

3. Seungri Got Hit By Firework On Stage

On December 29, 2007, BIGBANG was performing at their 2nd concert, "The Great." While performing, Seungri got hit by a firework on stage, and the smoke from the firework blocked his vision. This mishap caused Seungri to twist his ankle and take him to the ER. He allegedly cried until he passed out because his ankle hurt severely. Following the concert, Seungri wrote a letter of apology to the fans for departing early, and out of stubbornness, he decided to perform the following night.

2. Jung Eun-Ji Broke Down During Performance

Apink performed at MBC's Duet Song Festival show in 2017. While performing, Eunji started tearing up after the first chorus because of a back injury she had suffered last month. Eunji had earlier stated that she was not confident about their upcoming performance. According to Eunji, she failed to show her true potential because of the mistakes in her performance.

1. Kai Cried After His Solo Performance

In 2017, EXO held a concert in Seoul, but Kai appeared to find one of his performances disappointing. After Kai's solo stage, All the members of EXO came to the stage to chat briefly with fans. They talked about how Kai had practised for his solo stage until 4 AM the day of the performance, only to make a little error, which was unnoticeable to most fans. However, Kai found the idea of rehearsing so hard and yet not providing a flawless performance to be unbearable, and he started crying. Kai bowed and could not stop sobbing despite his members' assurances to him.