Article: 10 Underrated Chinese Dramas

Everyone enjoys a good storyline in a drama. Every year, a plenty of dramas with compelling plots are released, but only a tiny percentage of those become popular. There several underrated dramas that viewers should watch if they haven't already, as they will keep you hooked until the very end. Here are ten underrated Chinese dramas.

1. Rush To The Dead Summer

This is a young story that spans ten years and focuses on friendship, isolation, and one ultimate betrayal that breaks the group of close friends apart, with each going their own way and entering society.


2. Dragon Day You’re Dead

The drama tells the story of the top student, Zhang Jing Mei, and Long Ri Yi, a school devil’s love story. This drama is about the love story between the top student and the campus devil.


3. Hello Debate Opponent

This drama will definitely hook you till the very end. With the first season having the college debate team on the brink of closing down but new freshmen join the team and work together towards the debate championship. The drama opens the world of debate for its viewers and also discusses some very relatable topics.


4. Killer And Healer

The drama is set in China during the republican period. Chen Yu Zhi, a doctor, and Jiang Yue Lou, a police officer, collaborate to solve opium cases. Yu Zhi and Yue Lou work together to overcome obstacles. The plot is simple, but it depicts friendship and support in a heart-warming way.


5. My Roommate Is A Detective

The drama is set in the republican era of China. Qiao Chu Sheng, is a gang member turned police officer who works with Lu Yao, a banker turned detective, and a journalist Bai You Ning to solve crimes in the city.


6. Hikaru No Go

Hikaru no go is a Chinese adaptation of the Japanese manga and anime Hikaru No Go. During a trip with his grandfather, Shi Guang comes across an ancient Go board owned by Chu Ying, an old go master from the Song dynasty. The drama shows the passion and devotion of the characters to the competitions.


7. The Story Of Minglan

Set in the Northern Song Dynasty, this drama follows the story of Sheng Ming Lan. She is brought up by her grandmother after she lost her mother at a young age. She then meets Gu Ting Ye, the son of a wealthy marquis, and eventually marries her. Her world changes and she gets involved with work and politics. This drama portrays life by giving moments of tears, humor, and happiness.


8. Lookism

This drama is an adaptation of the Korean webtoon Lookism illustrated by Park Tae Jun. This drama tells a story about a boy Wen Shui, who transfers to another school due to the bullying he suffers because of his looks. After a while, he discovers that he has two different bodies, one being a good-looking body and his original body which he got bullied for. The story unfolds with adventures ahead.


9. Proud Of Love

The story follows the couple, Shen Xi majoring in dance, and her boyfriend, Lin Yu Tang. He Zhi Zhou is a moody engineering major at a nearby university. Shen Xi and He Zhi Zhou swap souls because of a mysterious mirror.  As the story progresses, it shows their struggles and life changes.


10. Lovely Us

This drama follows the lives of five childhood friends who grew up in the same neighbourhood. The drama has portrayed the life of teenagers and the problems they face. It showed love, friendship, and struggles of life. This is a light-hearted slice of live drama, anyone can enjoy.