Article: 10 Japanese Stars That Are Addicted To Instagram

1. Naomi Watanabe

Reigning the throne is the cute but hella fashionista Naomi Watanabe. Naomi has been an exception, from breaking the stereotypes and charming her way to millions. Naomi is the most well-known Japanese celebrity on Instagram, and her impersonations of Lady Gaga and Beyonce had gone viral. She advocated body positivism in her posts. And also, you can't miss the fashion in her funny reels and posts. Naomi has a massive following of 9.5M on Instagram. 

Instagram handle: watanabenaomi703


2. Kiko Mizuhara 

The multi-talented celebrity Kiko Mizuhara is a familiar name both in the entertainment and social media world. Her regular quirky posts and carefree personality is refreshing, and her fans love her for her spontaneity. And hence it is no surprise that she is the most followed Japanese actress on Instagram with a following of 6.2M. She has a substantial domestic and international fanbase and has collaborated with many global brands. Kiko is the first Asian ambassador for Dior.

Instagram handle :


3. Rola

One of the femme fatale of the fashion industry is the gorgeous Japanese model, actress, singer, and influencer ROLA. This biracial beauty has taken Instagram by storm, becoming the face of ‘gyaru’ fashion. She is a total package of beauty with brains. Through her Instagram posts, she advocated healthy living, fitness, and organic food, plus she drops some breathtaking photos that make her famous both in men’s and women’s world. Currently, she has a following of 7.1M. 

Instagram handle: rolaofficial


4. Haruna Kojima

Who doesn't love the lovely Haruka Kojima? A former member of the Japanese girl group AKB48 later ventured into acting. Her mature and sophisticated vibe has earned her 3M followers on Instagram. She frequently gives us a glimpse of her personal life with tons of selfies and exciting reels. Haruna is a busy celebrity doing her movie projects, running an online shop, and influencing millions.

Isn't she an all-rounder?

Instagram handle: nyanchan22.


5. Tomohisa Yamashita

The first male celebrity on our list is Tomohisa Yamashita. The fine face shots of Tomohisa Yamashita on Instagram have indeed caught the attention of many. The Japanese actor gained recognition from the Code Blue series and has 4.9M followers on Instagram. This nice-looking dude is a favorite among the ladies. Well it's no surprise.

Instagram handle: tomo.y9


6. Masami Nagasawa

Japan’s famous actress Masami Nagasawa is a regular on Instagram. She shares her everyday routine from places she visits new food she tastes, but the cherry on top is the selfies with her charming smile, which accounts for her popularity. Currently, she has an Instagram following of 3.2M. 

Instagram handle: masami_nagasawa


7. Mirei Kiritani

Another frequent lifestyle poster on Instagram is the beautiful actress Mirei Kiritani. From her glamorous photos, Mirei is catching eyes on social media for her fabulous style and currently has 3.5 followers on Instagram. Besides fashion, she posts pictures with her cute pets and welcomes us into a world of color and laughter. 

Instagram handle: mirei_kiritani_


8. Takayuki Yamada

Japan’s versatile actor Takayuki Yamada has gained an Instagram following of 3.1M with his quirky posts and personal photos showing his life and interests. The actor received international recognition from the Netflix hit “The Naked Director'' which has further surged his Instagram popularity.

Instagram handle:takayukiyamadaphoto


9. Nanao Arai 

Nanao Arai is a well-liked Japanese actress and model who has an Instagram following of 2.8 million. Her show-stopping good looks and hourglass body has mesmerized both women and men, and her popularity is increasing day by day to make her one of the famous influencers in Japan. Her Instagram shots have plenty of behind-the-scenes from her shoots. Nanao often posts her day-to-day personal photos and videos to interact with her fans.

Instagram handle: nanao_official.


10. Jun Hasegawa

Jun Hasegawa is a Japanese-American model who is a regular in the fashion industry. This stylish beauty, with her unique facial features, has Instagram followers of 1.7M. She has a good domestic and international fanbase and is an active influencer. She has modeled fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle.

Instagram handle: liveglenwood