Article: Top 10 Quotes From Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna is a fantasy-based Korean Drama. It is one of the most watched and highest-rated Korean Dramas on Netflix. The drama featured many famous and talented actors. It featured IU, Lee Do Hyun, and Yeo Jin Goo. The drama revolves around an unidentified and phenomenal Hotel, and IU acts as the CEO of the hotel. She hires Yeo Jin Goo as the manager of the hotel. He brags about being a Harvard Graduate. The drama slowly unravels why IU caters to the ghosts in the afterlife, and she was being punished. The drama follows a tragic love story between IU and Lee Do Hyun. Here are the top 10 quotes from Hotel Del Luna.

1. Feeling Depressed And Upset When Witnessing Disappearances Is Only Normal. You Will Live, Meet, And Fall In Love Again, Just As A Flower Dreams Of A Fresh Blossom While It Withers Away.

Life is a series of sad and happy moments. You will be happy someday or sad the next day. Everything is unprecedented and that’s what keeps a person sane.

2. Hotel Del Luna Is A Place Where Souls Who Used To Be Humans Come To Rest And Do Things They Failed To Fulfill While They Were Alive. It’S A Chance To Recharge Themselves. Ghosts Need To Do To Leave With No Regrets.

The drama Hotel Del Luna depicts the sad reality where humans have to leave the earthly realm suddenly. They will always have regrets if they don’t live their life completely.

3. It Is Possible To Jumble The Ghosts Recollections. After Floating Around For So Long, They Lose Sight Of What'S Crucial. Sometimes People Only Retain The Information That They Want To. A Ghost'S Most Significant Recollections Are Typically Those Of Their Death.

The drama showcases the untouched side of humankind.

4. Everyone Wants To Be The One To Embrace And Comfort Her. Only A Good Person Can Play The Lowly Part Of Obstructing, Hanging On, And Pleading.

A reasonable person will always want others to feel protected despite the situation. They will beg others to stay in their life and will not compel them for the thing they do not want to do.

5. I Escaped From There I Said. I'M Afraid. I Worry About Being Left Alone. I Sprinted Away Before Becoming A Deserted Pond. While They Still Had The Chance, I Decided To Leave Them.

Just like humans, even spirits have a fear of getting abandoned. Nobody wants to live a lonely life. So before they feel hurt, they try to hurt others.

6. I Could Hear The Blossoms Opening. Finally, You Have A Stake In It. You Arrogant And Stupid Thing. You Mentioned That You Weren'T Afraid To Watch Flowers Wilt. No. When You Start To Fear, Your Flowers Will Start To Wilt.

When we start loving someone, we feel good, and our life starts blooming. But the same thing can hurt ten times when it starts to wither.

7. He Was Unable To Show Himself For All Those Years. He'S Been There For Her Ever Since, Like A Cloud Of Dust. He Will Now Be Seen At Last. I Ponder Whether His Tale Will Be Heard Now That The Flowers Are In Blossom.

He waited for her for more than a thousand years. He knew the wait would be filled with many sad moments, but he did nevertheless.

8. I Wound Up Falling In Love Once More.

I Attempted To Ignore You While Leaning On That Love. You Simply Had To Bring Me Low Once More. Even Though I Must Murder You, I Won'T Be Able To. It'S Just That I Adore You. But I Won'T Shield You. I'Ve Been Waiting Almost A Century To Kill You, So If I Defend You, It Will Be A Mockery Of Me. What I Consider To Be Love Is Sad Beyond Belief.

9. Most People Who Commit Suicide Cross The Bridge Over The Sanzu River And Enter Another Dimension.

However, Some Spirits Are Unable To Go There. Even When Their Life Here Has Come To An End, They Naively Continue To Exist. The Guests At My Hotel Are Lost Souls Who Were Traveling To The Afterlife.

10. I'Ll Preserve You In My Heart And Turn Into The Moon That Always Keeps An Eye On You From A Distance.’

The Story Of Every One-Sided And Sincere Lover Who Wants The Best For The Person He Loves. He Is Ready To Sacrifice The Moments Of His Life To See Her. Because She Gave The Best Of Hers To Him, And His Turn To Return Everything He Owes Her.