Article: Top 10 K-pop Groups That Were Disbanded With Reasons

As we all know, K-Pop groups are normally contracted for a period of 5-7 years, but in rare circumstances, the contract is extended. This is dependent on a number of criteria, including the group's fame, relationship with the corporation, and whether or not they are a "project group," such as Wanna One. However, several organisations have disintegrated for a variety of reasons.

1. Iz*One

After their two-and-a-half-year contract expired on April 29, the girl group officially split. The 12-member ensemble was created with the victors of the "Produce 48" audition show. The three Japanese members returned to their homeland after the band disbanded.


2. Seven O'Clock

Seven O'Clock debuted with their mini-album "Butterfly Effect" on March 16, 2017. There were a lot of changes in the group. They formally disbanded on March 2, 2021, after their contract expired, after being active for over four years. The lead song from their debut album, Butterfly Effect, was Echo.


3. Hotshot

With the single "Take a Shot," HOTSHOT made their debut in October 2014. The band's contract with Star Crew Entertainment expired after seven years of activity, and the band and the agency parted ways. In March 2021, they formally disbanded. Take a Shot is the group's debut single.


4. Gfriend

It was the most unexpected disbandment notification I'd ever heard. GFriend's agency, Source Music, was chastised doing the same. The news broke on May 18, and the band disbanded on May 22, 2021. They were supposed to be practising and getting ready to record new music. The surprise announcement left the fans perplexed and enraged.


5. Lovelyz 

Lovelyz began in 2014 as an eight-member girl group. Except for member Baby Soul, they separated in November 2021 as none of the members elected to renew their contracts with Woollim Entertainment (currently promoting using her given name Lee SuJeong).


6. Berry Good 

Berry Good was a five-member girl group that debuted in 2014 (but they were eventually promoted as four members). After their contracts expired, members GoWoon and SeoYul left the team early. Following that, in May 2021, their company declared that they had decided to cease Berry Good's promotions due to a number of difficulties.


7. 1TEAM 

1TEAM debuted in 2019 as a five-member boy band. The group's company abruptly declared in March 2021 that 1TEAM will cease operations. The members became well-known after appearing on the reality shows "MIXNINE" and "Boys24."


8. We In The Zone 

We In The Zone began in May 2019 as a four-member (formerly five-member) boy group. They announced in October 2019 that member Min would be leaving due to personal reasons. Members' contracts were terminated owing to internal problems, according to member KyeongHeon, in January 2021.


9. ENOi 

ENOi was a seven-member boy band that debuted in April of this year. ENOi's company announced in January 2022 that members AVin, JinWoo, and J-Kid will have their contracts terminated when they expired. They then revealed that the group had decided to split up. Members LaOn, DoJin, HaMin, and Gun, on the other hand, chose to stay with the company and advance independently.



BLACK6IX began in April 2017 as a six-member boy band. Their company reported in April 2021 that their contracts had expired and that they had been dismissed.