Article: Top 10 Thai Celebrities And Their Luxury Cars

Like all other celebrities, even Thai celebrities like to spend their hard-earned money. They spend this money on various luxurious things like branded clothes, bags, properties and luxury cars. They even inspire others to work hard so they can get these things too. The top ten Thai celebrities and their luxury cars are.

1. Peerakorn Phoprasert

Guzbel Peerakorn Phoprasert, known as Chawanop Phoprasert, is a Thai actor born in 1989. He has starred in various dramas like Sanae Bangkok, Sin Lai Hong, Tawan Yor Saeng, and The Fire: Fai Ruk Game Rorn. He owns a 2104 BMW Series 5 whose value is said to be around $50,450.


2. Hansa Kusolmanomai

Hansa Jungviwattanawong, known as Newclear Hansa, is a Thai actress and singer born in 1989. Her older sister Lakana Wattanawongsiri is an actress and model. In 2017 she got married to Wichian Kusolmanomai, a DJ. They however in 2021 separated. She owns a 2015 Volkswagen New Beetle. Its MSRP value is $22,500.


3. Kratae Supaksorn 

Supaksorn Chaimongkol, known as Kratae, is a Thai actress and model. She starred in various movies and dramas like Chai Lai, Art of the Devil, Handle Me With, Bangkok Knockout and many more. She owns a 2014 Toyota Alphard. The MSRP Value is about $66,300 to $70,900.


4. Aum Patcharapa 

Patcharapa Chaichua, known as Aum, is a Thai model and actress. She has starred in many TV dramas like Rak Na Ka Ra, Plerng Phra Nang, Manee Neua Thai and Prao. In Thailand she is the first to own a new red label, Luxury Volkswagen Thaiyarnyon Caravelle. It is a special and limited edition car. It costs around 5.2 million baht.


5. Poomjai Tangsanga

Poomjai Tangsanga, known as DJ Poom, is a Thai video jockey and actor born in 1979. He has starred in films like Chum Thaang Rot Fai Phii and Ghost Day. He owns a 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo IMSA GTV. It has an MSRP Value of $181,000.


6. Puri Hiranprueck

Puri Hiranprueck, known as Ri, is a Thai model,  actor and host. In 2006 he debuted in the industry in the drama Khan Kluay. He starred in dramas like Atitha, Revenge, Ruk Toranong etc. In 2012 he got married to Ann Alicha Laisattruklai and they have two daughters. He owns a 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo. The MSRP Value is $152,000.


7. Nune Woranuch

Woranuch Bhirombhakdi, known as Nune, is a Thai actress born in 1980. She debuted in the drama Midnight My Love in 2005. She starred in dramas like Prom Pissawat, Ban Saran Land and Khem Sorn Plai. She owns a 2014 Aston Martin DB9. The MSRP Value is estimated to be around $170,000- $202,500.


8. Janie Tienphosuwan

Janie Tienphosuwan is an American-Thai model and actress born in 1981. She moved back to Thailand after her parents divorced. She starred in many dramas like Hoi An Chan Rak Thur, Raeng Ngao, and Rak Ni Hua Chai Rao Chong. She owns a 2015 Porsche 911. The MSRP Value is $84,300.


9. Mark Prin Suparat 

Prin Suparat, known as Mark Prin, is a Thai model and actor born in 1990. He starred in drama and films like Haunted Tales, Rak Nakara, The Order and My Husband in Law. He owns a Toyota Alphard Hybrid SRC model.


10. Mai Davika

Davika Hoorne, known as Mai, is a Thai actress and model. In 2010 she made her acting debut in Ngao Kammathep. She also starred in films like The Scars, Heart Attack, and Pee Mak. She owns a BMW 740i and an Audi S6.