Article: Top 10 Most Popular Thai Actors Worldwide

With the increasing exposure of the Asian entertainment world, the popularity of Asian actors has also increased tenfold over the years. Thai actors are no exception because of their fascinating drama plots, impressive acting skills, and attractive looks. The actors have managed to win the hearts of fans worldwide, possessing a following of millions on various social media platforms. Here are the top 10 most popular Thai actors worldwide:

1. Mike D. Angelo

Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul, better known by his stage name Mike D. Angelo, is a Thai-Chinese actor, singer, and model. Angelo has been one of the most popular actors in the world for quite a while now. The actor is widely known for his musical duet with his brother and for his intriguing role in the Thai drama "Full House." The actor compels a humungous audience because of his overly attractive looks and stunning personality.


2. Prin Suparat

Prin Suparat, who is popularly known as Mark Prin internationally, is a Thai model and actor. The popularity of the actor ranges worldwide because of his captivating looks, style, and personality. Prin’s popularity witnessed an immense leap after his successful dramas, “My Forever Sunshine” and “My Husband in Law”, in 2020. The actor is yet to show his full potential. His acting career is worth looking forward to in the future.


3. Thanapob Leeratanakachorn

The Famous actor and model Tor Thanapob is also a part of the Thai boy group “Nine by Nine.” The actor has spread his wings in all the acting, modelling, and singing worlds. The 27-year-old actor’s popularity keeps growing with the consecutive success of his dramas. He swooped the audience off their feet with his role in the successful Thai series, “The Hormones”.


4. Thassapak Hsu

Thassapak Hsu ruled the hearts of girls all around the world with his role as a sick businessman with his blinding handsomeness and overly charming personality in the smash-hit Chinese drama, “My Girlfriend is an Alien”. The Thai-Chinese actor is also a singer and a father of two. The actor’s popularity among young girls is unmatched and keeps on rising with each passing day.


5. Mario Maurer

The actor enjoys enormous popularity all around the world, especially in Asian countries. The actor has been a part of multiple successful films that contributed to his rising success and wide-spreading popularity. The actor is a Thai-Chinese-German combination because his parents belong to different cultures. Mario started his modelling career at the very young age of 16 and made a big name for himself.


6. Mick Thongraya

The handsome Danish-Thai actor started his acting career in the year 2008 with the drama “Team Zah Tah Fun” and received the Best New Actor Award just after that. The actor made it big with his role in the drama “Fire Series: Talay Fai”. His movie acting skills have earned him many fans and awards, resulting in his constantly increasing popularity.


7. Nadech Kugimiya

The actor and model are of Australian-Thai descent. He has made a big name for himself in the entertainment world with his hard work and consistency. If that’s not enough, the actor is also a YouTuber. At the young age of 17, Nadech kick-started his modelling career. Today he holds the title of many awards.


8. Weir Sukollowat Kanarot

Currently seen on Channel 7 in Thailand, Weir Sukollawat is an actor, model, and singer. With a hobby of riding a motorcycle, the actor has a civil engineering degree. Weir’s career not only revolves around the entertainment world, but also in the business world. He has a long list of businesses that he owns. The actor is very popular and filthy rich.


9. Pope Thanawat

The actor and model are known for his notable roles in the dramas “Roy Leh Marnie” and “October Sonata”. The actor’s real name is Thanawat Vatthanaputi. Pope stepped into the entertainment world in 2006 and has been awarded different titles over the years. Pope has a talent for drawing that comes through his work as a graphic designer before he stepped into the entertainment world.


10. DJ Push

As mentioned in his name, Puttichai Kasetsin is a Thai DJ. Besides that, he is also an actor, model, and TV host. The talented actor rose to fame after his role in the hit dramas “Ugly Duckling: Perfect Match” and “I Wanna Be Sup'tar.” In 2015, Push's popularity sky-rocketed after the success of his dramas, one after the other.