Article: Top 10 Thai Movies With A Social Message

Society as a whole is evolving every day as people grow more and more aware of injustices and misplaced stigma in certain issues. There are certain fundamental errors that must be corrected in the system and people are slowly trying to make such a change by expressing their voices and opinions. One such mass method of bringing about a change is through cinema. It is the responsibility of most filmmakers to research a topic correctly and talk about messages that will benefit viewers watching, and these Top 10 Thai Movies With A Social Message are examples of such pieces.

1. Homestay

Homestay follows the story of a spirit who one day wakes up in the body of a teenager who just died via suicide. He is given an ultimatum by an entity called the Guardian- he can continue residing in this form only if he finds out the real reason why he suicided.


2. Final Score

This movie gives an insight into the universal system of college entrance exams that can decide your entire future for you. In Thailand, normal schools do not provide the material required for such cutthroat examinations so students must invest in cram schools or tuitions in addition to their normal schooling.


3. Bad Genius

Bad Genius is internationally acclaimed for criticizing the examination system for being so competitive and corrupt by favoring the richer students who can buy extra curated materials and leaked papers for steep prices and perform better than other lesser fortunate students.


4. Bike Man

Bike Man is a film that deals with a man who is afraid to tell his parents what his real job truly is and instead claims to be a high-end banker, all so he can stick to society's norms and not disappoint them. His perfectly assembled world begins to crumble when he is caught by his childhood crush, who hired him as her designated taxi driver.


5. The Yellow Sky

This celebrated classic talks about the practice of using grenades to catch multitudes of fish in the sea. Our main protagonist is a fisherman who lives in harmony with the sea and helps the Naval police catch, such fishermen, red-handed.  At the end of the movie we see a valuable message imparted, those who harm nature will, in turn, be harmed by it.


6. The Elephant Keeper

This movie touches upon forest exploitation and corruption in the state. A Forest Ranger on a mission to track down and stop illegal logging is betrayed by his colleagues all for the sake of money and greed. This movie was registered as one of Thailand's heritage classics in 2014.


7. Yes Or No

Yes or No tackles societal stigma and discrimination against homosexuality and was a real eye-opener to general audiences. This movie follows a sweet and cheerful girl who moves into her new dorm and meets her new roommate, a brash tomboy. Watch as they struggle past orthodox beliefs and finally get together.


8. Heart Attack

A freelance graphic artist finds himself visiting the doctor after a strange rash appears on his body, and ends up falling in love with her. This story tackles tough work hours and their impact on life as we know it, and what ignoring the symptoms leading up to a bigger problem can do.


9. The Iron Ladies

This inspiring and comical piece is based on a real-life men's volleyball team comprising players that are either gay or transgender. Iron Ladies was one of the first movies to tackle societal stigma towards transgenders and homosexuality and is a real treat for those wishing to watch it.


10. Beautiful Boxer

Beautiful Boxer is the heartwarming story of a man who decides to pursue boxing and participate in several brutal competitions to win enough prize money to pay for his gender reversal surgery. It is the biography of Parinya Charoenphola, a celebrated Muay Thai fighter, model, and actress.