Article: Top 10 Cool Advertisements That Featured Thai Actors

Actors and actresses reach a certain point in their lives where they do not need to star in any more films and movies. This is usually when their fame has skyrocketed enough and they are recognized locally and sometimes internationally. This is when they start receiving requests and contracts from local and international brands to feature in commercials and ads for different kinds of products. There are a few Thai stars that are featured in so many commercials that their face is widely known across the nation. Here are examples of Top 10 Cool Advertisements of That Featured Thai Actors for your perusal.

1. Nescafe

Nescafe is a famous brand of coffee in Thailand. This brand had a commercial recently, which featured Thai King of Commercials Nadech Kugimaya and his long-time beau Urassaya Sperbund. This commercial was a hit for obvious reasons as fans couldn't stop gushing about the couple's chemistry.


2. Walls Ice-Cream Asian Delight

Walls Ice-Cream recently had released many new flavors under the sub-group Asian Delight. This illustrious ice cream brand decided to promote these new treats by featuring Porn Prom Onlaweng actress Bella Ranee Campen in its commercial, which turned out to be a success.


3. Friday

Friday is a local Thai brand for non-stick pans and cookware. This brand shot to fame in Thailand when it decided to feature Paragit Ruk: Yuet Fah Ha Pigat Ruk lead actor Mik Thongraya in its commercial for the same, which granted it immediate success and recognition among fans.


4. Tropicana Twister

Tropicana Twister is a brand of refreshing fruit juice drinks with flavors ranging from orange, grape, litchee, and apple. This internationally famed beverage brand decided to incorporate famous actress and pageant star Pancake Khemanit in its commercial in Thailand.


5. Dr. Drink

Dr. Drink is a healthy herbal beverage option for those who do not wish to have carbonated chemical-laced drinks. This elusive drink brand came into the limelight when it decided to feature TharnType actor Gulf Kanawut in its promotional commercial, with great results.


6. Mistine

Mistine is a celebrated Thai cosmetic brand that has products ranging from perfumes, lotions, soaps, and body washes. Min Pechaya, who rose to fame with drama Pla Boo Thong, has featured in three commercials on lotion, lip care, and mascara respectively for this brand.


7. Meiji Yogurt

Meiji Yogurt is a Japanese brand of yogurt that has grabbed the attention of Thai locals and is very popular there. This food brand decided to adhere to its Thai consumer population by featuring Tong Neu Gao actor James Jirayu Tangsrisuk in its commercial, which was a hit, naturally.


8. Hi! Vitamin C Orange Juice

Hi! Vitamin C Orange juice is a Thai brand of orange juice rich in Vitamin C that is popular with local consumers in Thailand. This brand featured famous actress Toey Jarinporn Joonkiat, who rose to fame with her role in the Thai film Dear Galileo, in its advertisement, with great success.


9. Doublemint Bubblegum

Doublemint Bubblegum is an internationally renowned Chewing Gum brand that recently rose in popularity in Thailand. This brand decided to promote its brand among Thai audiences by featuring My Forever Sunshine actor and Thai megastar Prin Suparat in its commercial.


10. Magnum Thailand

Magnum is an internationally recognized brand of delicious deluxe ice cream which recently branched out in Thailand. To cater to its Thai consumer base, it appointed supermodel and megastar Urassaya Sperbund as its brand ambassador, and since then she has featured in several commercials for the same.