Article: Top 10 Cool Thai Films To Watch This Summer

Summer has already begun! With only 3 months till the days get too hot to bear and you end up hold in your room with the air conditioning on and nothing to do except surf through the Internet and play board games. Well, maybe sitting back and enjoying some classic movies can help solve this issue? Since we already know that boredom and heat are two things that should never go together, to cool you off and entertain you, here are the Top 10 Cool Thai Films To Watch This Summer 2022.

1. Fan Chan

Fan Chan is a nostalgic youth film that gives montages into the childhood of Jeab and his childhood sweetheart. In the present day, his childhood sweetheart is about to get married and he decides to travel back to his native to see her whilst recalling the times they spent together.


2. Bangkok (Traffic) Love Story

Bangkok Traffic Love Story is an ode to love at first sight and talks about a girl who is fed up with her peers getting married and having kids at her age and just wants a shot at romance. She finds her opening when she meets a BTS engineer via train and decides to be the one that does the chasing this time.


3. Hormones

This romantic comedy flick is directed by director Songyos Sugmakanan. Hormones are set in the summer break and follow 4 different relationships, one of a committed man meeting a tourist, a fan obsessed over her pop idol, two boys competing over the affections of a girl, and a nerd who likes the popular girl.


4. Love Summer

Love Summer is a heartfelt and funny coming of age tale of 3 stark different friends that decide to embark on a trip on the road together from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to the holiday island of Phuket and on the way meet two girls who join them. Love Summer is a sure fan-favorite.


5. First Love

First Love is the sweet relatable story of a girl who experiences her first unrequited love on a senior and finds ways to make him notice her or talk to her. With Mario Maurer as the lead, this movie is already a guaranteed hit and will leave you reminiscing your past love endeavors in high school.


6. ATM: Er Rak Error

ATM: Er Rak Error follows the hilarious story of a bet placed between a couple who has kept their relationship under wraps to avoid being sacked from their job, which bans fraternization. When a bank starts spitting out double the asked amount due to a glitch, they decide that the first one to find the money lost will get to keep their job after getting married.


7. Yes Or No

Yes or No is the innocent heartfelt story of a girl who is roommates with a tomboy who is the exact opposite of her. This film touches upon the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of homosexuality and society's perception of it. Watch as the girls slowly tiptoe into love with each other.


8. Where We Belong

Where we Belong is a story about two girls spending their last summer together before one of them finally leaves for further studies abroad, far away from the sleepy town they are in. However, it gets harder and harder to leave the other as the movie progresses.


9. Thailand Only

Thailand Only tells the humorous tale of three friends that decide to finally start a tour guide company, having very little experience in that area. Unfortunately for them, their first tour group ends up being more than they can chew, and they fumble along the whole trip as the tourists start getting suspicious of them.


10. SuckSeed

SuckSeed is the funny and memorable tale of a high school attempt at popularity that leaves you remembering your escapades at that momentous phase of life. Three high schoolers decide that the only way to attract girls is through forming a boy rock band, which goes disastrously.