Article: 10 Strongest Points Of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a 2017 K-drama; starring Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik. The drama follows the character Do Bong-soon, who has supernatural strength. This supernatural strength is a boon passed to the women in her family over generations. But, if anyone uses their power for selfish reasons, or tries to harm  innocent people, they'll lose their power.

1. Strong Woman

Do Bong Soon is not only strong because she has super strength but also because of her headstrong personality. She never gets discouraged and tries her best to achieve her dreams. She cares for the people around her and can do anything for them.

2. She Acts Human

Do Bong-soon didn't want power; she wanted to live as an average human. She just  wanted to be in a relationship with her crush.  She had no plans to save the world. She gets scared and frustrated. She is no superhero; she is just a woman who never gives up and fights for what she feels is right.

3. Family

Do Bong-soon has a very typical family. Her family includes her parents and a twin brother. They fight, but they'll always be one in the face of danger. Her mother cares more for her brother, which may be annoying to some, but later, she explains that her brother is weak, so she takes more care of him.

4. Very Close To Reality

Except for the super strength part, the entire series is very close to reality. Nobody is perfect in the complete drama, and that's makes it real. The audience not only enjoys the scenes but can also relate to them. Bong-soon's mother worries about her marriage and visits many places to know Bong-soon's future. Aren't families the cutest?

5. Best Friend

Na Kyung-shim is Do Bong-soon's best friend and her secret keeper. Kyung-shim is the only one aware of Bong-soon's power, other than her family. Don't we all have a friend who is more loveable to our parents than ourselves? Well, Kyung-shim is the one for Bong-soon. Bong-soon always wanted an average life, but for the first time, she was thankful for her power when she had to save her best friend.

6. Cush

Bong-soon has a crush on In Guk-doo, her friend from school days. He is the only person in front of whom she acts weak and feminine. But, can we be with someone in front of whom we are not even ourselves? Some stories remain incomplete.

7. The Boss

Ahn Min-hyuk gets to know about Bong-soon's power accidentally. He gets intrigued by her personality and tries very hard to keep her as his bodyguard. He doesn't treat her any different just because she has power. He cares for her and is very protective of her, even though she is way stronger than him. He understands her and supports her unconditionally. What more can a girl wish for from her partner!

8. Drama

Well, won't it be boring if the series is too perfect? So, here comes our villain; he kidnaps and murder women. Some twist and turn cause Bong-soon to lose her power. As it's correctly said, people don't value the things they already have; and only find their importance when it's lost. After losing her power, Bong-soon could not adjust to everyday life. But, after a dramatic turn, when Min-hyuk's life is in danger, Bong-soon recovers her power and saves Min-hyuk. Later, our hero Bong-soon fights the villain and realizes that power comes with great responsibility.

9. Dream

Bong-soon always wanted to create a video game with her as the main character. She got rejected many times, but she never gave up. And finally she fullfills her dream. It teaches us that we should never lose hope and should always give our hundred percent to achieve our dreams.

10. A Perfect Happy Ending

Bong-soon saved the women; accepted her power and the responsibilities that come with it. She married Min-hyuk and had two daughters with him.  Both her daughter are born with super strength. That's a perfect end to an incredible story. And also the beginning of a new journey.