Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Based On Artificial Intelligence

Technology is very advanced today. The advancement of technology has made almost every task easy for us. Many Korean Dramas portray the use of advanced technology very well. Many Korean Dramas show the use of advanced technology that surprises the viewers. Korean Dramas have shown very progressive AIs coming into the real world and acting like human beings. Here are the Top 10 Korean Dramas Based on Artificial Intelligence

1. My Holo Love

My Holo Love is about a lonely woman who has the problem recognizing faces. Accidentally she becomes a beta tester for AI Holo. She can see him whenever she puts her glasses on. Holo is programmed to act & think like he has feelings. The feelings of Holo are not actual feelings. They become close as Holo becomes a source of comfort & companion for Soyeon.

2. Are You Human?

Are You Human Too is about a renowned scientist artificial intelligence expert whose son falls into a coma due to an accident. She makes an AI robot that looks exactly like her son. The scientist belongs to a wealthy family, and her reason for creating the AI son was to maintain her son’s position in business and claim an inheritance. The female bodyguard gets suspicious of the robot.

3. Bong Soon: A Cyborg In Love

Bong Soon: A Cyborg In Love is about a computer programmer called Joo Sung and Cyborg woman named Bong Soon. She is programmed to shut down the moment she feels emotions of love. She looks, thinks, speaks, and acts like a human. Joo Sung couldn’t help but falls in love with her. The Drama has sweet as well as sad moments as the characters try to overcome the hurdle of the impossibility of this situation.

4. Absolute Boyfriend

Absolute Boyfriend is a story of a professional makeup artist. She has been secretly dating a celebrity for several years. He breaks up with her when he chooses fame over love. She decides never to love anyone again. One day she meets a robot, zero nine. Zero Nine looks like a human. He acts like humans. He cares a lot for Dada. Unexpectedly she falls in love with zero nine. The robot also starts feeling emotions that are not programmed in him. He starts claiming that he loves Dada and can’t live without her. Absolute Boyfriend is a very heart-warming story about a woman and a robot. The drama takes you on a ride of emotions.

5. Borg Mom

Borg Mom is about a man Yang Dong Geun. He works in the field of artificial Intelligence and develops a cyborg mom. He sets her to take care of his family after his wife dies. She is the perfect wife who has top AI abilities and does everything with 100 percent efficiency. She is an expert in doing chores and protects and takes care of her son Choi Yool. She makes her feel like he is loved. She meets the elite and high-maintenance moms from the kid’s family. It is a different type of AI story where AI mom falls for her family.

6. 109 Strange Things

109 Strange Things revolves around the story of a robot from the future. He starts living with a philosophy student. The college student is very hard working; she is trying her best to find her calling, purpose in life, and employment. 109 Strange Things is a short and sweet romance between a robot and a woman. It is a cute, entertaining, and charming in its way. The Drama reveals the themes of robot philosophy and finding the right career path.

7. I Am Not A Robot

I am Not a Robot is a very famous Korean Drama with a very fascinating and interesting plot. The male lead is allergic to humans. After a childhood trauma, he was trapped in the big walls of his house. He developed the allergy as he didn’t have everyday interactions with humans. He loves robots. He loves to collect different versions of robots. He gets to test a new invention of AI that looks just like humans, walks like them, and talks like them. The drama has exciting twists and turns.

8. Please Don’t Date Him

Please Don’t Date Him is about Seo Ji Sung. She works as a programmer for AI Home appliance development team. By chance, she develops an AI refrigerator, “josangshin”. That AI refrigerator can identify lousy man. With the help of AI refrigerator she saves women around her that are having complicated relationships with scum-like men. She uses the refrigerator to help those who are struggling with their relationship. Please Don’t Date Him aired in 2020.

9. Love Alarm

In this Drama, artificial Intelligence is used in entirely different ways. Love Alarm is a mobile application very famous among high school students. The app notifies you when someone nearby likes you. The app skips the whole dating process tenfold and makes you sure that the person likes you. This application doesn’t show the details of the person who harbors longing feelings for you. Due to this app, a high school student gets entangled with two promising young men.

10. Unlock My Boss

Unlock My Boss is mysterious series that makes use of artificial Intelligence in entirely different way. Kim Sun Joo is a developer, and CEO of an IT company. One Day he was chased and someone tried to kill him. In the next scene his spirit is trapped in the smartphone. He takes help of his employees to get out of the phone. But there is plot twist; Kim Sun Joo’s soul was never stuck in the phone. It was all AI that acted on its own to save Kim Sun Joo.