Article: Top 10 Chinese Celebrities Who Own Imported Cars

With stardom comes riches and a life of luxury that is incomparable, with extravagant goods and properties acquired as well. A car is a small way to show off one's prestige as no one can turn their face on a shiny new expensive car. Actors usually endorse brands and have cars that have prices that make our jaws drop. Chinese actors are among such in the list of costly car owners and actors usually have imported cars that they pay hefty taxes for as well to get into the country. So here are such Top 10 Chinese Stars Who Own An Imported Car.

1. Wang Han

Wang Han is a celebrated Chinese show host and presenter who has hosted several variety shows like Super Girl, Come Sing with Me, Day Day Up, Super Boy, Up Idol, and films like Almost Perfect and A First Farewell. Wang Han has a Land Rover Discovery 4 amongst several other luxury cars he owns.


2. Li Chen

Li Chen, better known to fans as Jerry Li, is a Chinese actor and director who has starred in films like Sky of Love, On the Wings of an Angel, Six Sisters in the War, The Founding of a Party, My People, My Homeland, The Faces of My Gene among others Li Chen owns an Aston Martin Rapide.


3. Jimmy Lin

Lin Zhiying, better known to fans as Jimmy Lin, is a Chinese actor and race car driver who has featured in Single Princesses and Blind Dates, Live With Chivalry, Feng Chen Wu Die, End of the Road, Butterfly, and Sword, My Heart Will Go On among others. Lin Zhiying owns a Lamborghini Veneno.


4. Lu Han

Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor, who was a former member of the South Korean pop band EXO. Lu Han has featured in several films and dramas like The Founding of an Army, Fighter of the Destiny, Sweet Combat, Time Raiders, Cross Fire, The Witness among others. Lu Han owns a Maserati Gran Turismo.


5. Kris Wu

Wu Yi Fan, better known to fans as Kris Wu, is a reputed Chinese singer and actor who was part of the pop group EXO. Kris Wu has starred in Somewhere Only We Know, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, The Rap of China, 72 Floors of Mystery among others. Kris Wu drives a Porsche 911 Convertible.


6. Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok is one of China's reputed Four Heavenly Kings and was dubbed the God of Dance. Aaron has starred in Project Gutenberg, One Night Only, The Monkey King, After This Our Exile, And I Hate You So, Legend of the Liquid Sword, Saviour of the Soul among others. Aaron owns a Ferrari Enzo.


7. Eason Chan

Eason Chan is a popular Chinese actor and singer who has starred in films like Enter the Phoenix, Crazy N' The City, Lady Cop & Papa Crook, 12 Golden Ducks, Cop Shop Babes, Hooked on You, Mr. and Mrs. Single, See You Tomorrow, Keep Calm and Be a Superstar among others. Eason owns an Aston Martin Virage.


8. Andy Lau

Andy Lau is a reputed Chinese actor who was dubbed one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop and has starred in over 160 films, which include The Emissary, On the Wrong Track, Lucky Stars Go Places, Three Against the World, The First Time Is the Last Time among others. Andy owns a Toyota Alfa.


9. Jay Chou

Jay Chou is a famous Chinese actor who is infamously referred to as King of Mandopop. Jay has starred in films and shows like Kung Fu Dunk, Thyme Fried Fish, The Treasure Hunter, Curse of the Golden Flower, The Green Hornet, 10,000 Miles, Blue Star, The Viral Factor among others. Jay owns a Pontiac Grand Prix.


10. Zhao Benshan

Zhao Benshan is a Chinese actor and comedian who is a household name in China, having starred in shows and films like The Emperor and the Assassin, A Simple Noodle Story, Just Call Me Nobody, Ma Dashuai, Liu Laogen, Accidental Hero, Xian Shi Huo Bao among others. Zhao owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom.