Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Where One Of The Leads Dies In The End

Korean Dramas have great plots, fantastic actors with excellent acting skills, and humorous dialogues. Many Korean Dramas have a happy ending. The characters solve all the problems and live happily after that. But sometimes life doesn’t go as you wish, similarly in some K-dramas, one of the leads dies due to some disease or accident. These Characters have problems which cannot be solved unless they die, so the only choice they have is death.Here are the Top 10 Korean Dramas Where One of the Leads Dies in The End.

1. Youth Of May

In May 1980, during the turbulent times of the Gwangju Uprising, Hee Tae and Myung Hee fell in love. Hee Tae is a medical student who entered medical student at the top of his class. He is an easygoing person. Myung Hee has worked as a nurse for the past three years. She is a lovely person who stands up against unfairness. In the end, Kim Myung Hee dies from gunshot wound from the martial Law army. Afterward, the Drama portrayed the lives of Hwang Hee Tae and the people around her forty years later.

2. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers is a story about Ha Jin, who travels 1000 years back in time and lands in the era of the Goryeo Dynasty as a young girl named Hae Soo. She is trap in another person’s body. Ha Jin gets involved in a power struggle against various vicious contenders for the throne. Ha Jin falls in love with the fourth prince. Ha Jin dies after giving birth to her child.

3. The Red Sleeve

The Red Sleeve is a Love story between King Jeongjo and royal concubine Ubin Sung. Sung Deok Im is a court lady. She gets involved with Prince Yi and falls in love with him. Sung Deok wants to live her life freely, and that will not be possible as a concubine. But still, she becomes a Concubine of King Jeongjo. Sung Deok dies in the end. The death of Deok Im left viewers very emotional.

4. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

The Smile has left your Eyes tells the story of a detective who can go to any lengths to protect her sister from a man. The Detective’s sister falls in love with Kim Moo Young. Kim Moo Young is connected to Yoo Jin Kang from the past. Moo Young does not remember anything from his past. The end of The Smile has left your Eyes was shocking to the viewers. Moo Young accepts the consequences of killing an evil character. Both of them kill each other and die in each other’s arms after declaring their love for each other.

5. A Korean Odyssey

Son Oh Gong and Ma Wang conflict with each other as they look for the light in a dark world where evils exist. Oh Gong becomes indebted to Sun Mi for what he did to her when she was a child. Sun Mi is fated to die at the hands of her true Love. At the end of the drama, she dies at the hands of Oh Gang.

6. The Hymn Of Death

The Hymn of Death is a Historical Romance. The Drama depicts the tragic story between Joseon’s first Soprano and a playwright. In the end, Woo Jin and Sim Deok catch a ferry together using their pen names as alias. They go onto the deck for a final dance. They share one last moment before turning to the railings.

7. Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond is a story of two childhood classmates who find each other in adulthood. Noh Eul is given a task of documenting the life of actor Shin Joon Young. They were separated when they were young. Joon Young is terminally ill. He cannot recover from his illness. In the end, Joon Young comes to terms with his life, and in the final scenes, Joon Young is with Noh Eul. He rests his head on her shoulder, and a while later, Noh Eul asks if he is asleep, but he doesn’t answer. Noh Eul senses he has passed away.

8. Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine is about the turmoil of the political era and the romance between Eugene Choi and Go Ae Shin. The story ends on a sad note. In the last episode, Dong Mae dies fighting off his enemies. He suffers from fatal Knife injuries. He dies smiling and thinking of Ae Shin.

9. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna is a romantic fantasy. Man Wol spends decades serving for her past crimes by helping the troubled souls who entered her hotel. However, the ending made fans emotional. She doesn’t drink the moonflower wine that would render her and Chan Sung to live their lives once again as the hotel’s manager. Man Wol enters the afterlife on her terms, not escorted by the grim Reaper. Chang Sun watches as she fades into the mist. Fans love the chemistry between Man Wol and Chan Sung. They wanted them to live together happily ever after. But the scriptwriters had a different path.

10. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a mystery crime Drama. The Drama is about Park Chang Ho, who works as Lawyer with only a 10 percent winning rate. He is a talkative person, and people call him big mouth. He   gets involved in a murder case and is somehow blamed as genius swindler Big Mouse. Park Chang Ho finds himself in a life-threatening situation. He is married to Go Mi Ho. She has a brave and intelligent personality. She attempts to clear her husband’s name. In the end, Mi Ho dies of a disease she caught while looking for evidence to clear Chang Ho’s name.