Article: Ten Korean Actors Who Made It Big In Other South Asian Countries

The Korean actors are now not just bound to their country anymore but have gone global. With the widespread fan following across the globe, Korean culture has also been loved and accepted by fans in other South Asian countries. Although the new entertainment culture has changed and grown a lot in the last decade and is curating new shows and movies, it is also undeniably true that people who have been following K- dramas for a long time now know the classics best. So if you’re a budding K-drama fan, this is the right place to swoon over these classic Korean actors.

1. Gong Yoo

Gong Ji-Cheol, better known as Gong Yoo, is a famous South Korean actor who has been a part of many popular K- dramas/ movies, namely Coffee Prince (2007), and Spy Girl (2004), etc. Apart from these, he became exceedingly famous in other South Asian countries for his role in Goblin: The Lonely And Great God (2016), Train to Busan (2016), The Silent Sea (2021), Sea Bok (2021), and his striking appearance in the globally famous series Squid Game (2021). He is a remarkable actor who’s been in the Korean industry for almost two decades and still maintains his aura.


2. Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is a famous South Korean actor and singer who came into the limelight with his role of Dong-hae in the series Smile again. Since then, his talent has known no boundaries; his charismatic aura and chemistry with his co-actors make his work worth the watch. His other exceptional dramas like Healer (2014-15), The K2 (2016), Suspicious Partner (2017), and Lovestruck in the city (2020-21) were cherished by all across the South Asian diaspora. 


3. Song Joong-Ki

Song Joong-ki is a famous South Korean actor who rose to fame for his work in A werewolf Boy (2012), The Innocent Man (2012), and Running Man (Since 2010). His role in Descendants of the sun (2016)  is what catapults Joong-ki into enormous fame in and around South Asian countries. His recent works like Vincenzo (2020), Arthdal Chronicles (2019), and Space Sweepers (2021) also got him the recognition he deserves. 


4. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min-ho is a South Korean actor, model, and singer. He rose to fame with his remarkable work in Boys over Flowers (2009) and Heirs (2013) and is still a heartthrob for many. His other commendable K- dramas are The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-17), The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), Pachinko (2022), etc. Some characters stay with you for a lifetime, and Lee Min Ho’s work is one of those.


5. Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun is one of the highest-paid South Korean actors, his fandom expanding beyond Korea’s boundaries. He has not only done some notable works but also won the major acclaimed best actor awards. Kim So Hyun’s k- dramas are worth watching across the globe and should not only be limited to the South Asian boundaries. A few of his notable works are My Love from Another Star (2013-14), The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020), etc. 


6. Lee Jong-Suk

Lee Jong-Suk is a South Korean actor cum model who made his debut as a runway model back in 2005 and became famous because of his roles in School (2012-13), Pinocchio (2014-15), W (2016), While You Were Sleeping (2017). He’s also known for his contemporary K- dramas like I Hear Your Voice (2013), Doctor Stranger (2014), etc. 


7. Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon is a famous South Korean actor known for his magnificent physique and looks. He’s been a part of numerous K- dramas that made it big within and outside the Korean borders and is still ruling over the people’s hearts. Some of Park Seo Joon’s exceptional works are She Was Pretty (2015), Fight My Way (2017), What’s wrong with Secretary Kim (2018), Itaewon Class (2020), etc. 


8. Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin is a South Korean actor who started his career as a runway model but made it big into the K-drama in School (2013) alongside Lee Jong-Suk, and Heirs (2013) alongside Lee Min Ho. His other famous works are Uncontrollably Fond (2016). As a result, it amplified his fandom across the South Asian region. 


9. Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is one of the most quintessential actors in South Korea who’s been ruling the industry for almost two decades now. He first rose to fame in 2005 for his role in My Lovely Sam-soon. Recently his role in Crash landing on You (2019-20) got famous globally and was loved by all, and he also married his co-star Son Ye-jin earlier this year. His other notable works are Negotiation (2018), Secret Garden (2010-11), The Swindlers (2017), etc. 


10. Park Bo-Gum

Park Bo-Gum is a diversified actor and singer in the South Korean Industry. He is known for his outstanding choice of roles and personality. He has been part of numerous K- dramas with other notable actors but still could lead the hearts of his audience because of his commendable acting skills. A few of his famous works are Love in the Moonlight (2016), Record of Youth (2020), Reply 1988 (2015-16), Hello Monster (2015), etc.