Article: Top 10 Most Hated K-Pop Idols Of 2022

When it comes to loving idols for the entertainment, they provide to us or getting fantasized about their life. We are always on the front foot. However, the situation becomes complex when people start getting involved in their personal space. There are many antis among the people who call themselves fans, and these antis find the slightest flaws in the idols to weaponize them against their profession and existence. Over the years, the history of K-pop idols getting hated has grown over and over. Here are the top 10 most hated idols of 2022 for the most insane reasons possible.


1. Jennie

As the most prominent group member and a big personality, Jennie has been targeted in the industry for various reasons. Her dating scandals, outfit choice, and her looks always get misinterpreted by people. The Blackpink member is called a villain of K-pop and accused of having an attitude.Jennie managed to break the K-pop standards and rules for idols and created a bold personality for herself. Her dating scandal with Kai from Exo started one of the most significant fires for her, which further accelerated with her most recent dating rumor with BigBang's G-dragon.


2. Kai

Kai from Exo is one of the most acceptable idols of the generation, but he faced accusations of having a cocky personality at the same time. His personality is often misunderstood and creates hatred for him. The maximum antis originate because of his dating rumors. He dated Jennie of Blackpink and Krystal from f(x), and people accused him of dating too frequently.


3. IU

The most prominent solo artist in the K-pop industry, IU has been hated for her romantic linkup with Super Junior's Eunhyuk. As a solo artist, she had no shoulder to cry on. But she always pushed herself through the struggle. However, fame always comes with repercussions. Whether it is about losing many of her friends or receiving backlash for her personal life, antis always found a way to target her. She got targeted for reasons she has no connection, like being an inspiration to worldwide famous BTS Jungkook. Jungkook's pure adoration for his favorite idol often becomes difficult for some people to digest.


4. Hwasa

Hwasa is constantly getting criticized for her look and personality over the years. The Mamamoo member’s bold and sexy character goes out of the K-pop rules and builds a lot of antis for her. She gets targeted for not fitting the Korean beauty standards and faces a lot of body-shaming.


5. Tzuyu

As a foreign artist, Tzuyu faces poor vocals and unfriendly personality allegations. As a successful girl group, Twice always managed to get over this hatred and created a safe place for each one of its members.


6. Yeri

Just because she joined the company late, Red Velvet Yeri has faced many jokes and allegations from the people. Red Velvet was already well-established when Yeri joined the group, and she faced backlash as the last member. Receiving jokes about her vocals and dance to body-shaming, Yeri has seen it all.


7. Chanyeol

From getting hated for his multitalented personality to simply making jokes onhis fellow members, Chanyeol from Exo has often taken the attention of the antis. Being friendly with your fellow members is normal when you've spent many years together. It is usual for the member to create many inside jokes within the group. Unfortunately, some people aren’t good with humor, especially from the outside.


8. Lisa

Lisa has been receiving racist remarks ever since she joined YG entertainment. The K-pop queen has been receiving backlashes for being a foreigner and gets targeted for being famous despite being a non-Korean. Her fellow Blackpink members and her faithful fans have been a protective shield for her from such



9. Eun-Woo

Being the visual of the group has taken a lot from Astro's Eun-woo. Eun-woo has been receiving hate for his good looks since he stepped foot in the industry. But the unfair hate towards him never affected his relationship with his fellow members and his success.


10. Soyeon

Soyeon is the leader of the six-member girl group (G)I-DLE. She has faced criticism for her cultural appropriation. Apart from this, she faced allegations of stealing lines from the group.

Idols and Anti's

Idols receive hatred for a lot of major and minor reasons. This backlash is

unreasonable and undeserving of the artist. Some people love to hate them for

their self-containment and as per their convenience. Everyone has their flaws and downs but judging them based on their personality and past is something to be extremely ashamed of. Most of the idols face the heat just for dating and linkups. This varying pressure on them leads to breakups or hiding relationships from the fans condemning their choices. There are many reasons for people to love their idol, be it their hard work or dedication. If we can't adore them, everyone should have enough dignity to respect someone's hard work and not degrade their profession and life.