Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities And Their Breakfast

Everyone probably knows how breakfast is the most essential part of the day. Skipping breakfast is not healthy, and even celebrities take it very seriously. It can be a boring healthy breakfast or some delicious breakfast you have once in a while. Here is a list of the top ten Korean celebrities and their usual breakfasts.

1. Min Yoongi

Let’s start with the most peculiar and interesting one, of none other than Suga of BTS. The lead rapper of BTS revealed his breakfast is a strange combination of smoothies. He adds bananas, blueberries, protein powder, and almond milk, and finally adds on the chicken breast after making a slushy.


2. Kim Jennie

Jennie is one of the Blackpink members who takes her self-image very seriously and to start her day, nothing is better than a good nutritious breakfast. She always drinks a detox juice paired with salad and avocado, or maybe, once in a while, some porridge.


3. Lee Chan

Seventeen’s Dino revealed his breakfast routine in detail, describing what he eats. After he wakes up, his morning is followed by breast milk from Lactofit Family, and six almonds. He also says that he eats toast with cream cheese and blueberry jam and recommends it for everyone.


4. Lee Hoseok

Popularly known as Wonho and also swooned over for his perfect abs, he revealed how he takes six meals every day and puts particular emphasis on his breakfast. Unlike many others, his breakfast consists of white rice, vegetables and red meat.


5. Lee Jieun

Popularly gone by her stage name IU, she is a world-renowned kpop artist and actress who revealed her diet routines and shared them with fans. Usually, her diet consists of fresh fruits and juice for breakfast, but when she had taken up an extreme form of dieting to lose weight, she used to eat one apple a day for breakfast.


6. Hueningkai

TXT’s diamond maknae revealed that every day, as soon as he wakes up, he needs to eat a fresh apple to keep his digestive system from working correctly. Besides apples, he eats kimchi fried rice, omelet, bulgogi, squid, or spicy pork barbeque. 


7. Shin Ryujin

Ryujin revealed that she usually wakes up sometime between 10 am to 11 am, so she first hydrates herself with a glass of cold water. Then she takes a brunch which consists of a lot of fried vegetables like onions, mushrooms, cabbage, and green onion. To top it off, she says, oyster sauce is a must to make it more delicious and flavorful.


8. Son Chaeyoung

This famous Twice member, along with the other members, revealed that they usually order a lot of take-out. In one interview, she admitted to loving drinking Americanos. They all started their day with Korean rice cakes, and she had to pair it with her favorite Americano.


9. Shim Changmin

2 AM’s Changmin revealed that for his breakfast, he always sticks to a particular routine. His daily breakfast food consist of a glass of milk, a potato, most probably boiled or mashed, a boiled egg, and some multi-vitamins good for his health and stamina.


10. Kang Jihyun

Former Sistar member Soyou revealed that she had gained a lot of weight, over 62kg, and despite it giving her excellent sleep and fuller body proportions, she began to get more lethargic. Hence, she started to maintain her diet along with work-out to lose weight. Like most kpop idols, it heavily depended on boiled foods like boiled eggs, vegetables, and boiled potatoes. It allowed her to lose 10-15kg in just three months.