Article: Korean Celebrities In Guinness Book Of World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records accounts for plenty of unique records worldwide. Celebrities having some title is no surprise, be it for breaking records or something rather unusual and different from the mainstream. Nonetheless, their names are mentioned in this book, and here is a list of ten such Korean celebrities.

1. Lee Hyori

She is the idol who holds the record of the most significant number of appearances on the first page of newspapers. She also mentioned in an interview that the sales of newspapers would increase by 10% if she were mentioned on the first page, and it was such a big deal that they created a separate task force. She appeared 891 times in total.


2. Han Young

Her record is both a blessing and a curse for her because she holds the record at having the longest legs of 112 cm among all other female celebrities. She is as tall as 179 cm. She mentions that she needs to wear men’s pants most of the time, and there are so many pretty clothes for girls out there but none that fit her.


3. BTS

This world-famous boyband holds 25 Guinness Book of World record titles. It spans from their music breaking records to their increasing social media followers, and if one needs to pinpoint all 25 right now, this article will not end. They are the most streamed music group on Spotify, taking Coldplay’s number one spot and boasting the highest number of followers on Instagram.


4. Kwanghee

He is responsible for holding the record of wearing the most number of layers of clothing on oneself. He wore 252 layers and sat for four hours in the sizzling heat of 30 degrees Celsius to beat the previous record, which was of wearing 247 layers.


5. Shinhwa

This group holds the record of the longest-running group. It has been nineteen years since they have been together, and when asked how that was possible, they answered that they kept trusting each other. This has to be the most wholesome answer and a very heart-warming record to hold indeed.


6. Kang Ho Dong

He, by far, holds one of the most peculiar world records for the most handshakes. He did a handshake with about 28,000 people in six hours and forty-three minutes and revealed that by the end, his right hand was swollen into twice the size of his left hand, despite the handshake not lasting more than a second.



This five-member Korean boyband held the record for the most number of photoshoots back in 2009. Their official activities alone have five hundred million pictures of them, so let’s not even count how many photos they might have taken unofficially.


8. Song Hae

This man holds the record for being the longest-running MC to date. He has been hosting KBS1TV’s National Singing Contest for 37 years, and proudly states that he will keep hosting until he turns 120 years old, which is genuinely remarkable.


9. Psy

This iconic K-idol could not be excluded in this list. He holds 7 Guinness Book of World Records, and his golden songs, which got him these titles, are Gangnam Style and Gentleman. It comes from various aspects like the number of views, how fast they topped the charts, and the number of likes.


10. Kang Daniel

Daniel is a Korean soloist idol who holds the Guinness Book of World Record for one million followers on Instagram in 24 hours. His social media account was the fastest to reach this mark, and it must have been truly overwhelming.