Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Followed On Instagram.

Let’s get real; when it comes to this specific list, we all are aware, and we should not even think of expecting anyone outside the members of world-famous boy and girl bands BTS and Blackpink. Just like the global music charts, they dominate this chart as well, and even though, Blackpink members dominate the first four positions, let’s not forget that BTS just came to play on Instagram only a few months ago, and their followers are increasing each day rapidly. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Lalisa Manoban (80.2M)

She is the lead rapper and main dancer in Blackpink. Despite not being Korean by nationality or ethnicity, she is the most followed celebrity in the Korean entertainment industry on Instagram. People cannot get enough of her charisma and bubbly, friendly personality.


2. Kim Jennie (68.3M)

Blackpink’s main rapper here is widely popular and swooned over by not just kpop fans but people worldwide owing to her graceful appearance or killer eyes. She has worked hard and made a significant place of herself on the world stage, which is not easily forgettable.


3. Kim Jisoo (62.3M)

Even if she is considered one of the underrated members of Blackpink, her visuals and talent is no joke. Be it herself as a performer or being a phenomenal actress in the drama Snowdrop. She gathered one of the most significant fanbases for herself, who loved her for her sweetness.


4. Park Chaeyoung (61.2M)

Also popularly known as Rose, she is Blackpink’s main vocalist, bringing a new type of vocals to the table, which is unforgettable no matter how much one may deny it. She has worked with several well-known brands such as St Lauriet and has been one of the most memorable female idols in kpop history.


5. Kim Taehyung (47.4M)

Here begins our chart of BTS members, with the leading member being none other than V of BTS. He needs no explanation of why he is the most attractive man and the most handsome Asian man voted by the world. There is undoubtedly a significant reason why he made this list and the position where he is now.


6. Jeon Jungkook (43.8M)

BTS’ Golden Maknae had to be mentioned in this list. His playful side has captured all the fans’ hearts and be it for his unique vocals, his too-good-to-be-true and flawless tattoos, or his sheer love for ARMY alone, people love him and follow him.


7. Park Jimin (40.2M)

Here comes the Prince of BTS. He is probably the most interesting of the lot since he posts once in a blue moon, and yet, he is one of the most followed Korean celebrities on Instagram. So, we can all agree that it is a credit to his irresistible charm, wonderful smile, amazing grace in his perfect dance, and smooth vocals. Truly a performer in all aspects.


8. Kim Seokjin And Jung Hoseok (37.7M)

Well, these two members of BTS are at a tie here. While Jin is visual and vocal of the group, J-Hope is the main dancer. Both are the backbone of one of the most successful groups our generation has ever seen. They post pretty much and are widely known for their wit and sense of humor.


9. Min Yoongi (36.9M)

Also known as Suga of BTS or AgustD, he can be considered a prodigy of our time. An excellent producer, a fantastic rapper, an exceptional songwriter. He truly is an inspiration, but all these things apart, he is pretty funny and savage in his way.


10. Kim Namjoon (36.3M)

Lo and behold! Here is the leader of BTS and probably the best leader of any musical group in the world. He is kind, compassionate, caring, a fantastic rapper, producer, and songwriter, and the person without whom BTS couldn’t be. His Instagram posts are all about him expressing his love for art and nature.