Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Singing Their Hearts Out

There is no doubt that the Korean entertainment industry is filled with multi-talented idols, consisting of amazing singers that win our hearts through their music and powerful, unwavering vocals, piercing and reaching straight to our hearts. Their dedication is so evident whenever they sing their hearts out that their hard work shows and, they shine.

1. Park Jimin

Let’s start with one of the best vocalists the world has ever come across. BTS’ Park Jimin has proved in numerous moments how dedicated he is to his work, and when it comes to pleasing his precious ARMYs by constantly practicing and honing his skills, and ultimately singing his heart out on stage, winning everyone over with his phenomenal performance. Words fall short when Jimin performs because it’s truly extraordinary.


2. Taeyang

When talking about the best and most potent vocalists here, we cannot miss this legendary artist of BigBang, who himself happens to be the idol of Jimin and many more famous artists. His singing is so incredible that it captures the attention and hearts of the audience, allowing them to slip into a sense of daze and appreciate the beauty of his skills.


3. Jeon Jungkook

When it comes to singing your heart out, BTS’ main vocalist had to be mentioned. It’s a lot of credit to him that fans go crazy over his singing abilities, but when he performs, he does it with so much ease that one would never know the vigor and effort he put behind it. He is genuinely one of the gems in the kpop industry. He is not called Golden Maknae just for nothing after all.


4. Kim Seokjin

When Worldwide Handsome performs, the entire world is bound to fall into a sense of peace as they listen to him singing. His vocals are calming yet powerful and robust enough to win anyone over. It’s so sweet and melodic that it always reflects on stage whenever he performs. He always gives his best for ARMYs, and we all appreciate that.


5. Mia

Everglow is one of the groups that deserve to be bigger and more at the forefront regarding the world platform. Their main vocalist further proves this point by flaunting her extraordinary vocal skills whenever she sings out on the stage, exuberating confidence, beauty, and elegance.


6. Choi Jongho

Ateez’s Jongo has surprised us (but it’s not a surprise since it is Jongho that we are talking about) with his compelling performances on stage, where he flaunted his beautiful vocals while singing his heart out for Atinys.


7. Lee Sunmi

This fantastic woman could not be excluded from the list regarding singing. Her stages are always on fire, and her performances always turn out to be so good, and all because she is one of the best female vocalists the industry has to offer. 


8. Kang Seulgi

Red Velvet’s main vocalist has shown numerous times how delightful she looks on stage while performing and singing her heart out for her fans. Her excellent singing skills reflect how much she works on them, and her raw talent glows from within.


9. Moon Taeil

Among all the NCT members, Taeil is one of the members who is not often talked about, but in all reality, when it comes to the game of singing, he overshadows most people with his amazing vocals. It shows when he sings his heart out on stage and NCTzens love how this sweet boy is so capable of pulling off such complex songs at times.


10. Kim Taeyeon

Hands down one of the most potent vocalists ever. Her high notes are so complex, yet, she does it with such ease that she looks flawless. Her singing is on point, and it never fails to win the hearts of anyone who listens to her music.