Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Now and Then

Everyone goes through changes in their span of life, especially when it comes to their twenties. There is a glow-up; you bloom into a newer and better version of yourself most of the time. Here is a list of the top ten Korean celebrities who went through these changes and became a brand-new version of themselves.

1. Kim Taehyung

There is no denying that this BTS member always had a distinct charm to himself. In the earlier years after their debut, he had a style that looked completely different from what we are used to. He loved to play around without caring much about his appearance because he was always attractive, and now Taehyung is not just cute but much reserved and handsome too.


2. IU

She debuted at a very young and tender age. She had a freshness about her, and her natural sweet beauty glowed. Yet, now she is sharper, slimmer than she was before, and the sweet little girl truly bloomed into a beautiful young woman, admired by many, be it famous or not.


3. Jeon Jungkook

The golden maknae of Jungkook was also no stranger to this transformation. Many remember the younger version admitting that he did not fancy tattoos, but here we are, his entire arm covered in tattoos, and no one’s complaining because we all know how charming he looks in them.


4. Wendy

When Wendy debuted, a lot of fans pointed out that she was heavy. She went through extensive measures because now, her zero figure has made it apparent that there is no chubbiness about her. Did we love her chubby self? Yes, very much so, and do we love her now? Also, yes. She was always stunning.


5. Jessi

She had the most transformation among all the other Korean celebrities. She had debuted as a pretty girl with beautiful honey skin and gradually embraced her wants and needs. She did plastic surgery for specific body parts to make herself happy, and we love how stunning she is.


6. Shindong

This member of Super Junior was much talked about because he was one of the few kpop idols who debuted a little chubbier according to their beauty standards. However, he surprisingly did gain popularity. Yet, now, he is entirely different; neither does he have curly hair nor chubbiness. He’s like a completely different man.


7. Park Jimin

The charm of BTS could not be missed. He was always attractive, but he did go through a change. We remember him being a cute excited teenager who bloomed into a fine young man, with exuberating style and charm where he goes.


8. Jihyo

This member of Twice had to go through a lot, from rising to popularity to always facing criticism for her appearance; she was bound to have a sea change. Hence, she did go through one, from being chubby to fitting into the Korean beauty standards as fans started supporting her more. Nonetheless, true fans were always with her.


9. Huening Kai

This member of TXT probably stumped us out (a strict reference of the game of cricket) with his massive glow-up in his recent comeback. From the cute diamond maknae of TXT to a brooding look, fans were not expecting this change, but they do not complain.


10. Jisung

This NCT member was probably one of the youngest kpop idols to debut. Keeping that in mind, fans saw him grow before their eyes, and the once little teenager finally evolved into a tall distinct man.