Article: Korean Celebrities With Plastic Surgery- Top 10

It's no secret that Koreans encourage plastic surgery. It can even be your graduation present! With the plastic surgery industry thriving in South Korea and with more and more people wanting to ‘fix’ themselves it is clear that society places high value on appearance. Celebrities here are no exception. Be it on the advice of their agents, due to an injury, or to increase their self-esteem there are many Korean Celebrities with Plastic Surgery.

Here is a list of the top 10 Korean celebrities with Plastic Surgery who didn’t shy away from admitting the truth.

1. Jessi: Korean Celebrities With Plastic Surgery

The Singer–Rapper Jessi is perhaps the most outspoken celebrity on plastic surgery in the K-pop industry. Calling herself a “monster” after getting her nose, eyes, and breast implants done she now regrets the decision. She has accepted herself for who she is and realized that she “cannot be perfect”.

Jessi: Korean Celebrities with Plastic Surgery


2. Ze: A's Hwang Kwanghee

The poster boy of cosmetic surgery Kwanghee, the famous K-pop actor, has changed almost every part of his face including his nose, chin, and forehead. He is satisfied with the cosmetic surgery. And even encourages other K-pop celebrities to undergo plastic surgery. Earlier he felt a lot less attractive than other Ze: A’s members but now he feels more confident in who he is, after the plastic surgery.

Ze: A's Hwang Kwanghee: kpop star


3. T-Ara’s Hyomin

Park Sun Young also known as Hyomin said that to entertain and give joy to others you need to be pretty. She has done eye surgery, rhinoplasty, and chin surgery. This Korean Celebrity with Plastic surgery believes that it is possible to fix a few things as long as you are not greedy.

T-Ara’s Hyomin: plastic surgery


4. Park Min Young

What's wrong with secretary Kim ?” K-drama’s perfect Secretary and real-life actress Park Min Young has reportedly done an eyelid and a nose job during her high school. The K-pop star said that her mother supported her decision to become more pretty.  However, she did her nose job because it was a little crooked.

Park Min Young: before and after plastic surgery


5. Jung Chae-Yeon

DIA member Jung Chae- Yeon confessed that she has done a nose job but she was still criticized for not being honest about her double eyelid surgery. She said that it grew over the years. However, there are pictures on the internet that speak about her cosmetic surgery.

Jung Chae-Yeon: cosmetic surgery


6. UEE

The K-pop idol, UEE, from the ‘marriage contract’ is one of the Korean actresses with double eyelid plastic surgery. Her eyes were naturally uneven and she wanted to correct it. She has reportedly won a case against a plastic surgeon for using her image without permission in a blog. The court favoured her and asked the surgeon to pay a fine of $ 2,800 as compensation.

UEE: Korean Celebrities with Plastic Surgery


7. Hong Soo-Ah

Hong Soo-Ah is a Korean actress who was stopped at an airport for looking different from her passport photo. However, the K-pop star believes that plastic surgery has helped her to succeed both at home and abroad. She thinks that it is not wrong to get it done either for health reasons or to boost confidence.

Hong Soo-Ah: before and after plastic surgery


8. Six Bomb: Korean Celebrities With Plastic Surgery

The girl's group Six Bomb got the title of “plastic surgery group ” after they released their video Becoming prettier. As per their manager, all of the K-pop actresses got every possible plastic surgery on their faces and even got breast implants. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in May 2021.

Six Bomb: plastic surgery group


9. Jooe From Momoland

Jooe casually stated in a show that her ear cartilage was used for a nose job. However, the results went away within 3 months and nobody could tell the difference after the K-pop celebrity’s plastic surgery. She jokingly said that later on when her agency had asked her to correct her nose she had to come clean with them.

Jooe from Momoland: Korean Celebrities with Plastic Surgery


10. Ji Chang-Wook

The last in this list of Korean Celebrities with Plastic Surgery is Ji Chang-wook. As per the rumours, ‘Empress Ki and K-2’ main actor Ji Chang-wook now has a pointer nose. However, the actor hasn't confirmed the news but stated that he did go to the surgeon for a consultation. The doctor told him if he gets his nose done it would look awkward and that had scared him off.

Ji Chang-wook: plastic surgery before and after


Conclusion: Korean Celebrities With Plastic Surgery

From the pictures of celebrities before and after surgery, it is evident that cosmetic surgery is widely obsessed in the kpop industry. Comment your reaction after seeing your favourite Korean Celebrity before and after surgery.

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