Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Based On Web Novel

If you are a reader who is enthralled by getting your hands on any Chinese book you come across and then seeing it turned into a movie or a web series that you have imagined in your head, isn't it mind-boggling?

Let's get started; we've already compiled a list for you. Chinese drama is frequently motivated by web novels, which are then adapted into shows based on web novels.

1. Nirvana In Fire (2015)

Staring - Hu Ge, Liu Tao and Wang Kai

Based On The Novel "Lang Ya Bang" by Hai Yan

Genre - Historical, Wuxia, Drama, Political

Stream On - Prime Video,

Content Rating -13+

IMDB - 8.9/10

This historical drama takes place in the sixth century of China. Lin Xie's family was killed when he was seventeen, and then he was forced to undergo treatment that alters his appearance and leaves him weak and unable to fight. Twelve years later, Lin goes back to the capital and work to eliminate all the scheming officials from the court. This series has 54 episodes and was streamed in 2015. Each episode is 45 minutes long and should provide you with days of binge-watching glee.


2. Love O2O (2016)

Staring - Yang Yang ,Zheng Shuang

Content Rating - 13+

Stream On - Netflix, Wetv, Viki, croton MEGAHIT, Appletv

Genre - Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Drama

IMDB - 7.9/10

Xiao Nai is a gaming expert who accidentally happens to be the most known student on campus thanks to his basketball talents, academic prowess, swimming aptitude, and a gaming company president. When the incredibly bright wunderkind first sees the stunning computer science major Bei Wei Wei, he falls head over heels in love with her. But it's not Wei Wei's appearance that catches his attention; it's the ludicrous mastery she uses to dominate her guild and own everyone in an online multiplayer game, making her unforgivable. Now, Xiao Nai must utilize both his real-life and online skills to win the love of the adorable but eccentric Wei Wei. But does their love have enough XP to succeed, or will they never be able to level up their relationship?


3. When A Snail Falls In Love (2016)

Staring - Wang Kai, Ava Wang

Genre - Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Crime

Stream - Tencent video, Yo-Yo English Channel

IMDB - 7.5/10

Ji Bai has been assigned to work with Xu Xu, a criminal profiler. Xu Xu is socially anxious, despite his talent for deducing other people's thoughts. However, this is not the reason Ji Bai intends to fire her. It's because she moves at a snail's pace.

Xu lacks the physical abilities required for the work. However, they are both incredibly talented in their fields of expertise, and their admiration grows into love as they pursue their investigations.

This show debuted in 2016 and consists of twenty-one episodes, each lasting roughly around thirty-three minutes.


4. The Princess Weiyoung (2016)

Staring - Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Rachel Mao, Lee Hsin Ai

Genre – Historical, Romance, Drama

Content Rating -13+

Stream- Netflix, Viki, Croton MEGA HIT

IMDB - 7.8/10

Princess Feng Xin Er was left as an orphan after the Northern Wei Dynasty was destroyed overnight. Despite her escape from death, she ends up in the country of her enemy, where she adopts the name of Li Wei Young, the Prime Minister's daughter. Many trials await her, but she uses her intelligence and sense of justice to become a powerful lady and find love.

Also debuted in 2016, Princess Wei Young is an adaptation of Qin Jian's novel.


5. Cruel Romance (2015)

Staring-Huang Xiao Ming, Joe  Chen

Genre-Romance, Crime, Drama

Stream-CN drama

IMDB -7.9/10

Rong Jinxiu travels to Shanghai to discover why her entire family was murdered. During her investigation, she meets Zuo Zhen, a triad leader. Misjudgments and accidents arise, and the two begin to fall in love.

However, a businessman establishes ethos for Rong and tries to attract her attention. Zuo becomes possessive, which leads to a series of dramatic events.

The show premiered in 2015 and consists of forty episodes, each lasting approximately 45 minutes.


6. Ashes Of Love (2018)

Staring - Deng Lung , Yang Zi, Luo , Yunxi, Yukee Chen

Genre - Fantasy, Romance

Content Rating - 13+

IMDB Rating - 8.4/10

Stream - Netflix

Based On - Heavy Sweetness Ash Like A Forest by Dian Xian

Jin Mi's fate was already sealed when she was born four thousand years ago. She will be held captive in Shui Jing. Mi's mother, a flower deity named Zi Fen, abandons her in the afterlife. Near-death, Fen feeds the 'unfeeling pill' to her infant daughter and orders her staff to keep her identity hidden from Mi.

The Heavenly King's second son, Xu Feng, and a fire deity are ensnared in an enemy trap four thousand years later, leading him to Shui Jing, where Mi comes to his rescue. These doomed individuals find solace in one another over the next century.

The whole series consists of 63 episodes, each having a duration of 45 min.


7. Eternal Love (2017)

Staring-Yang Mi, Mark Chao

Genre-Historical, Romance, Drama


Content Rating-15+


The Fox with Nine Tails, Bai Qian, the Fox King's youngest daughter, is transported to Kunlun Mountain to disciple Mo Yuan, the God of War. A war breaks out while Mo Yuan is learning there, and he sacrifices his life to seal a demon ruler.

Bai Qian tries to sacrifice herself to re-seal the demon lord seventy thousand years later, but she is sent into the mortal realm, where she loses all her memories and divine power. Bai Qian saves Crown Prince Ye Hua of the Nine Heavens, truly her fiancé in Heaven, and looks a lot like the late Mo Yuan while living alone on a secluded mountain. The two begin to fall in love, unaware of the other's true identity and their love saga, which entails them meeting in three other lives and universes.

It is adapted from "Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach and Blossoms," a novel.


8. Guardian (2018)

Staring - Jhonny Bai ,Zhu Yi Long

Genre - Mystery, Fantasy


Content Rating-15+

A planet outside the reach of science, inhabited by a dedicated group of adults seeking to solve situations using scientific forces. Zhao Yun Lan and Shen Wei are responsible for keeping the peace between the underworld and humanity, and the plot will be centred on their friendship that spans over multiple lifetimes.

Pries' novel "Guardian" was adapted for this film.


9. Battle Of Changsha (2014)

Staring - Andy Yang, Wallace Huo, Ren Cheng Wei, Niu Jun Feng, Zuo Xiao Qing

Genre - Historical, Romance, Crime

IMDB - 8.2/10

The film Battle of Changsha portrays the story of the second Sino-Japanese War through the eyes of the Hu family, particularly a 16-year-old girl named Xiang Xiang and her twin brother, Xiao Man.

Gu Qing Ming is from a renowned political family and is a rigorous Intelligence Officer in the Nationalist Army. The passionate, fun-loving Xiang Xiang and the arrogant Gu Qing Ming start on bad terms, but their romance deepens as they constantly run into each other. The whole drama consists of 32 episodes, each of duration 45 minutes.

It is adapted from Que Que's novel of the same name.


10. Every Night (2018)

Staring - Author Chen, Irvine Song, Adam Cheng, Crystal Yuan, Zoey Meng

Genre -  Adventure, Historical

Content Rating - 13+

IMDB - 8.2/10

When a family was slaughtered unjustly by a powerful general, a young child named Ning Que managed to flee. Through his wits and improving his fighting skills, he managed to survive in the wilds. He rescued a second child out of a mound of corpses one day and named her Sang Sang. They've been inseparable since that day. Ning Que enlisted in the frontier military and later joined Princess Li Yu's retinue to return to the city. He discovered the Upper Storey, a private school that leads him and Sang Sang onto a series of incredible adventures.

Many hostile forces are forming around them, and not everyone is who they seem to be. Is Ning Que the King of Underwood's son?

This drama Has 60 episodes each of duration of 45 minutes.