Article: Top 10 Famous K-Pop Groups Fandoms

Fans are definitely, the backbone of the team. Every fan is unique to their team. When it comes to k-pop fans, they are one step forward for all types of fan bases. They show their abundance, love, and affection. It is considered essential to know the fan-following ever of k-pop groups nowadays. At present, the growth of k-pop has become tremendous. It is because of the theme and the choice of songs, they choose another, and an important factor in their fandom only. Each k-pop group has a fandom. K-pop idols have tremendous respect and love for their fandom, like their dedication to their profession. Here I am going to present to you the top 10 k-pop group's fandom.

1. Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) - Army

The South Korean biggest kpop group, ‘BTS’ fandom is called ARMY. It stands for Adorable Representative MC for youth (you). The army's official light stick is called an Army Bomb. Armies' used the light stick to show their support for their lovable idols. It is as expensive as their idols. At present, the kpop group BTS has the highest number of armies (fan base) in the world. A recent survey says BTS has forty million members as their army.


2. Blackpink- Blink

South Korea's most prominent girl kpop group is BLACKPINK. The name of its fandom is BLINK. This term comes from the word Black and pink combined from the word 'BLINK'. Blink is the competitor of the BTS - Army because the approximate members, of this fandom, are Twenty million numbers.


3. Shinee- Shawol

The bestseller of albums in the kpop group is SHINEE. The name of its fandom is SHAWOLS. It is the short form of the SHINee world. This group has a separate website for Japanese fans called SHINee J. The estimated members of Shawols are 1.5 Million members.


4. Exo- Exo-L

The kpop group EXO has the strongest fan base in all of Asia. The name of its fandom is EXO-L. The estimated number of members of their fans in the world is four million members.


5. Twice – Once

One of the biggest south Korea's most well-known kpop girl groups is TWICE. The name of its fandom is ONCE. Twice's official light stick is candy bomb. The estimated members of once are four million members.


6. Super Junior – Elf

The kpop group SUPER JUNIOR has matured fan base. The name of its fandom is E.L.F. It stands for ‘Ever Lasting Friends. This fandom is known for its matured fan base among all kpop groups. The estimated members of SUPER JUNIOR fans in the world are 3 million members.


7. SNSD – Sone

SNSD was the first girl kpop group that got more success both in South Korea and Asia. The name of its fandom is 'SONE' which means 'to wish' in Korean. Their fandom is the first fandom to open a social media fandom to support their idols. The estimated members of SONE are 2 million members.


8. Bigbang – V.I.P

One of the most prominent kpop groups is BIGBANG. The name of its fandom is V.I.P.  Before ARMY and EXO –L’s they are known as the biggest fandom kpop group. The estimated members of BIGBANG fan base are nearly 3 million members.


9. Txt – M.O.A

This fourth generation kpop group is TXT – TOMORROW * TOGETHER is competing with their sunbaenim group ‘BTS’. The name of its fandom is M.O.A. It means 'MOMENTS OF ALWAYSNESS'. The estimated members of their fans are 1.5 million members.


10. GOT7 – Aghase

One of the famous kpop groups of ‘JYP’ entertainment is GOT7. The name of its fandom is ‘AGHASE’. It means "Baby bird" in Korean. Their light stick has this symbol; it is the key factor of this group. The estimated members of AGHASE are 1 million members.