Article: Top 10 Chinese Family-Based Dramas

Chinese dramas are famous for the story and the screenplay. Chinese dramas are known for taking dramas in a different genres. There are so many genres, especially family-based dramas that attracted many audiences. Through this article, we are going to know about the top 10 Chinese family-based dramas.

1. When We Are Young

The story of this drama is about a young girl, Yang Xi gets injured by a lab explosion while chasing down a bike thief during the summer. That gives her difficulty in the running competition. When the school reopens, she realizes that the culprit, who makes her like this was transferred to her class. He also took her position as class president. Huao Biao was a genius in the science department his arrival in their class made students watch him 24*7, to win their trust, he have to prove himself. Later, he was accepted by his class members.


2. Go Ahead

This drama is about three troubled youths who are suffered from the struggles and bitterness of their life. When they met each other they came to know they are facing the same struggles in their respective lives. They became family to lay on each other shoulders. Ling Xiao, He Zi Qiu, and Li Jian have grown up together, though they face bitterness in their life. They become supportive of each other. After completing their graduation from high school, they return to their original families. After nine years, they reunited and were nostalgic about their memories.


3. Ode To Joy

Five women live on the twenty-second floor of the same apartment different in personalities. They have each their struggles in their career, families and love life. All of them came out of each struggle in their life living in shanghai, and also they all undergo some transformation, which is needed for their life struggle.


4. Meteor Garden

It is a Chinese version of the famous Korean drama ‘Boys over the flowers’. An ordinary girl is got admission to the most prestigious school after going through a lot of struggles. There she met the famous F4boys, also called fashionable icons of the school, comprised of the four wealthiest and most handsome boys in the school.


5. Love O2o

Xiao Nai is a boy who is excellent in gaming and basketball and also in academic studies. This multitalented boy falls in love with the computer major girl Bei Wei. Unexpectedly, he fell in love with her at the first sight. This drama is about how the multitalented boy balances his real life and love life with his extraordinary skills.


6. Arsenal Military Academy

The drama is about the early years of the twentieth century of Chinese military forces find themselves locked in drawn-out, bloody conflicts as they fight again with the imperial Japanese ARMY.


7. Guardian

This drama is about when the human world and the underworld meet what will happen. Beyond the normal world, which is full of science and technology a group of passionate young boys tries to solve the issues between the two worlds with the help of some forces. Zhao and Wei are the two young boys responsible for upholding peace between underworld dwellers and humans. Though they experience their friendship in past and present life.


8. Love Is Sweet

Jiang is a girl who has a weird allergy, and she is allergic to tears. She has done graduation in economics and psychology. After completing college she started to work in a philanthropic organization where she can able to pursue her dreams. After her father's death, she became depressed therefore she planned to fulfil his father's wish. In MH, she met his childhood rival friend Yuan who became his protector now. Without knowing the truth Jiang started to love the protector of her life. Then she succeeded in both her love life and professional life.


9. Find Yourself

This drama is about a love story, between a skilled woman, and a young adult. A successful woman falls in love with a young boy who is younger than her. Due to this, she came to face a lot of difficulties both in her industrial side and in society.


10. Go Go Squid

Tang Nian is a girl who is studying college, taking computer as her major course. She is also a part-time singer in online. In her free time, she works in her cousin's internet cafe. One evening Han Shang yan comes and falls for him at first sight. He is the owner of a famous gaming club. Eventually, he too, falls for her. To make him love her, the things she has done are the plot of this drama.