Article: Ten K-Dramas Where The Leads Are Poor

‘Rich-Guy, Poor-Girl’ K-dramas are popular among the audience but these are often criticised for not being realistic. There are very few dramas where both the leads are poor or are actually trying to work hard. Here are few dramas where the leads are barely earning enough to meet their expenses.

1. Fight For My Way

The drama is four friends who struggle between following their passion and meeting their financial needs. There is a former taekwondo player who has left the sport, a store employee whose dream is to be an announcer and a couple who have problems in both their office and relationship.


2. Just Between Lovers

In this drama both the male and the female lead were the victims of a building accident when they were young. This affected their lives in the wrong way. You can watch the male lead do all kinds of jobs to meet his needs and still suffer.


3. My Mister

One of the main leads is a woman who is ready to do anything for money. She has a lot of debts and works part time at various places. She was also framed for a murder and is constantly threatened by the loan shark’s son. She leads a very tragic life.


4. Pinocchio

The drama focuses on reporters and the ‘pinocchio syndrome,’ but the leads have a very difficult life. The male lead is adopted by an old man, but due to his financial conditions he hides his intelligence. Though he wants to be a reporter he works as a driver to make money.


5. Strongest Deliveryman

The drama is about a delivery app and the delivery people who work for it. The founder of the app who also delivers things wants to become successful in this field. A new delivery woman wants to make as much money as she can and avoids relationships.


6. Dr. Romantic 2

The drama takes place in ‘Doldam’ hospital which is located in the countryside. The male lead is a smart doctor and a resident but he has struggled all his life to pay his college fee. He even joins the hospital to make more money but we get to know later that he is constantly attacked by loan sharks.


7. Itaewon Class

The drama is about a group of people who work to make ‘DanBam,’ a bar-restaurant in Itaewon a huge success. The man who opens this restaurant was expelled in high school and arrested on false charges. He also lost his father and his first love in this process. He wants revenge against the people who ruined his life.


8. Start Up

The drama is about young people who want to start their own business. They meet at ‘Sandbox,’ who are ready to fund the best start-ups. The male lead is a programmer who has lost his money on his new company and the female lead couldn’t complete her education due to lack of money, but they want to start their own company.


9. Cunning Single Lady

The drama is about a divorced couple who meet years later. Now the husband is a rich man but the wife’s financial situation has not changed. The female lead supports her husband when he quits his job and continues to struggle even after their divorce.


10. Anna

Anna is a thrilling drama. The female lead is known for her beauty and for being smart. But her father is a very poor tailor. She loses all the money saved for her when she fails to enter a university and spends it on coaching classes. She lies to everyone and gets jobs.