Article: Ten Korean Dramas Starring Super Junior Members

Super Junior is one among the most well-known boy bands in Korea. It first started as a twelve-member group. The band contributed greatly to the ‘Korean Wave.’ It has been years since the band was formed and the members have slowly turned to acting. Check this list for their dramas.

1. She Was Pretty

The drama is about a girl who doesn't fit into the 'Korean Beauty Standards.' She joins a company where her first love is her boss. Choi Siwon plays a senior editor who has a carefree personality. He also has a secret life that is revealed later. His character is one of the most popular second leads in K-dramas.


2. Voice

This show tells the story of a detective turned police officer and a voice profiler who join hands to find the killer who killed their loved ones. Yesung plays a technology specialist who is not very sure about the team he is working in. He has a cool personality and he knows it.


3. My Fellow Citizens

Choi Siwon plays the lead, a con man in this show. He falls in love and decides to get married, but gets to know on his wedding day that his wife is a police officer. While he doesn't know how to safeguard his identity, the daughter of a loan shark, who was conned by him, tracks him.


4. Single Dad In Love

As the title of the drama suggests, the show is about on a single father who falls in love. Very soon, he gets to know that the future stepmother of his lover is none other than his ex-wife. Super Junior's Shining played the role of Oh Chil Goo and was a part of the supporting cast of the drama.


5. Love Is For Suckers

This show is about two friends who have known each other for twenty years. They start working together on a dating show as a participant and the director of the show. Soon, they experience changes in their relationship. Choi Si Won plays the lead who decides to star in a dating show.


6. The President

The drama starts with the story of a young man who wants to uncover the secret behind his mother's death. Very soon he finds himself entangled in the presidential elections when he starts working with one of the candidates. Lee Sungmin was a part of the main cast and played the role of Jang Sung Min.


7. Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit

The drama is about four young detectives who turn old due to an experiment that goes wrong. Despite a change in their age, they need to continue working and solve crimes. Kim Heechul plays one of the four detectives and he is the only one that hasn't turned old. He has the responsibility to take care of his 'old' friends.


8. Ms. Panda And Mr. Hedgehog

Lee Dong Hae played the lead role in this show. He starred as a patissier who has a kind heart but appears to be tough. His nickname in the show is hedgehog. He meets a cheerful cafe owner who is trying to save her parents' patisserie and they form an unlikely relationship.


9. Dr Champ

The drama is about a doctor who gets stuck in a love triangle between a doctor and a former skater. A parallel storyline also shows about their professional lives, especially at the Korea National Training Center. Shindong is one of the judo athletes and plays a prominent supporting role in the series.


10. It's Okay, Daddy's Girl

The drama is about a pampered daughter who discovers that her father is suffering from a brain haemorrhage. She starts realising that her life will not be simple anymore and that she has to face the world on her own. Lee Donghae was one of the supporting cast members of this emotional drama.