Article: Top 10 Moments Of Isac (Idol Star Athletics Championship) – 2017

The most anticipated annual event of kpop is ISAC – IDOL STAR ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP because all Korean pop groups' idols are participated in various games from archery to wrestling. They not only excel in their profession they are good in sports too. Through the ISAC they showed their sports skills to their fans. Here are the top 10 moments of ISAC -2017.

1. Funny Dance

We all know it is common that before starting the sport, it is necessary to do a warm-up. For the warm-up in Isaac, the idols have the trainer. As per the trainer's instruction, they have to stretch themselves, they have to copy the steps of the trainer. In 2017, ISAC, kpop group BTS's funny warm-up dance step is one of the famous moments.


2. Seventeen’s Aerobic Dance

The k-pop group SEVENTEEN also participated in the ISSAC 2017. They are known as the best dance groups o k-pop. They proved that they are best at dancing exercises also. Their Aerobic dance in ISAC – 2017 is the most viewed Isaac moment of 2017.


3. Bts, Exo &Seventeen’s – Archery Match

Another memorable moment of ISAC -2017 is the archery match between the groups BTS, SEVENTEEN, and EXO. From BTS, the band member 'V', from the group SEVENTEEN'S 'VERNON', and from the group EXO 'JUN', and 'SUO' compete with each other. Both 'EXO' and 'Seventeen' scored 10 points.


4. Relay Race

The 400-meter relay men race the groups BTS, SEVENTEEN, and VIXX. Seventeen came first, and BTS came second. It is their first time missing the gold medal in the relay race.


5. Minjin Game

Already fans in the stadium felt that their two eyes are not enough for them to capture their idol's beauty and excellence in sports. Wherever kpop idols gather BTS will become the centre of attraction. This incident is a clear example of it. Jin from BTS and JIMIN from BTS create a new game for them and do it before the audience with the help of their light stick and their image-printed transparent fan stick placed on the ground and bow in front of those things. It was the video viewed by all because of their peculiar game.


6. Jimin Looking For Taehyung

Can we say it is a soulmate thing? All kpop fans around the world know that the Boyband BTS members Tae and Jimin are soulmates. They will be together wherever they go. Even in ISAC too he is searching for his soulmate taehyung. He is cutely searching for him.


7. Exo Chanyeol And Bts Jimin Moments

Stay with me from the goblin OST song is the best background song for this 'chanjimin' moment in ISAC-2017. It ends all the fan wars between both of their fandom Armies and Exo-L's.


8. Astro’s Aerobic Dance

In the aerobic dance task, the team ASTRO won the gold because of their extraordinary synchronization. They took ‘Pirates of the Caribbean' as their theme. Already they are pros in dancing aerobic dance shows they can dance in any form.


9. Twice Mina And Tzuyu Reaction

Twice Tzuyu and Mina's reaction to the male idol's 400m race video is highly viewed videos of the ISAC-2017. The two gorgeous queens stole the audience’s hearts with their cute expressions.


10. Exid Vs Gfriend – Women's Archery

In the Women's archery, the final match was between the girl groups EXID' and 'GFRIEND.' Both of them gave tough competition to each other in the final round. At last, the girl group Gfriend won the match.