Article: Ten Post-Apocalyptic Anime

This article explores ten remarkable post-apocalyptic anime. From wastelands to crumbling cities, this anime are a unique blend of adventure, survival, and introspection.

1. Casshern Sins

It is a story where humanity is extinct, the earth is turned into a wasteland, and all that is left are robots. The robots were supposed to live forever, but Luna's death led to the deterioration of Robot society. Casshern, Luna's assassin, has no memory of the past. He embarks on a journey to learn about the connection between him and Luna.

2. Now And Then, Here And There

It is the story of Shu a typical Japanese boy, who meets a mysterious girl named Lala-Ru with strange eyes. When he sees her on a smokestack, he is drawn into a strange desert world. In this world, Shu is physically abused and forced to join the army, which is in search of water. Shu is determined to protect Lala-Ru, even if it means facing the deranged dictator, Hamdo.

3. Ergo Proxy

In the post-apocalyptic city of Romdo, lies one of the last remaining human civilizations. Humanoid robots, also known asAutoReivs, are created to help people in their day-to-day lives. However, AutoRevis gains self-awareness due to a mysterious virus called the Cogito Virus. Together with her partner, Iggy, Re-L Mayer conducts research and uncovers a conspiracy. Vincent Law and a young AutoReiv named Pino join them in their quest to discover Romdo's secrets and the truth about the Proxies.

4. Agent Aika

A large portion of the earth, including Tokyo, is underwater after a huge earthquake. Akia is a salvage agent, who recovers valuable items from underwater ruins. She embarks on a journey to obtain a mysterious object called Lagu, soon she realizes she's not the only one behind Lagu.

5. From The New World

In the post-apocalyptic world, Japan has become a fractured country, where human possess psychic abilities and depends on monster rats in order to survive. A group of 5 children embark on a journey to learn about the dark past, and to protect their friends and world from collapsing.

6. Wolf's Rain

In the far future, wolves will be extinct. However, that's not the case; wolves have transformed into humans. Kiba, a lone wolf, goes to Freeze City where human inhabitants, follow the scent of the Lunar Flower. There he meets three other wolves who are driven to the city by the scent of the Lunar Folwer. Together, they quest for the Lunar Flower.

7. Chrome Shelled Regios

In the future world, monsters have overtaken the land, and humans are forced to take shelter in mobile cities known as Regios and learn weapons called Di-Te. In the Academic City of Zuellni, Layfon Alseif was hoping to forget the past and have a fresh start. However, his abilities attract the attention of the Student Council President and the Captain of the 17th Platoon. As they become more well-known, their past starts to come back to haunt them.

8. Coppelion

20 years after the tragedy Tokyo is turned into a city of ghosts because of the high level of radiation. Their Coppelion girls arrive there. Coppelion are genetically modified humans who can withstand nuclear radiation. Their mission is to save survivors in the city.

9. Black Bullet

Humanity was defeated by the Gasteria virus and forced to live inside a metal wall to defend themselves. Soon the children infected by the virus were born with supernatural powers; they were known as cursed Children. After ten years of pandemic Renta and Enju are given a mission to prevent the destruction of Tokyo.

10. Girls' Last Tour

After a massive war, all mankind is dead except Chito and Yuuri. They explore wastelands in search of food. Having each other makes them bear the pain of being the only survivor. They find hope in living in a dying world through shooting drills, snowball fights, and books. Overall, it is a tale about two girls looking for hope in a desolate environment.