Article: Top 10 Debut Solo Of Kpop Artists

In debut singles of soloists in the Kpop industry, the superstars come up with their inner souls shining out for their fans to read. The songs could be all about self-love, partying, and passion for rapping. Superstars want to push their careers with time, and they want to be honest with their inspirations as solo artists and the songs are much more personal. Their songs reinvent their stardom and their relatable artistic growth comes from the inner self. These artists believe in enjoying themselves and never giving up on the pop industry while exploring their talents. In the meantime, they plan to balance their time with solo careers and bands too.

1. Park Ji-Min

In his first solo 'Promise' he has tuned his soft vocals with the charming piano as he tries to connect his mental need for self-love by encouraging his fans to do so. In 'Filter' he tries to be a girl's genie or Aladdin by bringing out his flirtatious side. His sharp, dark, and loud vocals tend to hide a meaning as he questions the mask he wears to hide his true self from the world. 'Serendipity' is the coincidence of destiny with the love that fell right in place, which is their destiny. He carries a professional facial expression and also has a scene with a calico cat.


2. Kim Chung-Ha

She was Annie Kim as she lived in Texas before she pursued music in Seoul and majored in dance. She is the ex-member of I.O.I and she made her solo debut with the mini-album 'Hands-on Me’. In ‘Gotta Go’, she is a princess for which she chose Cinderella because her fans think so. ‘Stay Tonight’ is the lead single from her debut studio album ‘Querencia'. This disco-pop song is a dream in shimmering silvery moonlight where she pulls off a commanding look in stunning performance visuals.


3. Jungkook

His first solo was 'Stay Alive' it's about surviving in a cold world and the fight between it and the humans. Suga was the producer in it as an isolated boy who finds his way into the urban fantasy world. He became the first male soloist in Korean history to chart on Billboard 100 with his debut solo. 'Still With You' is full of his love for the army that will never end- not even with the emotional distance.


4. Rap Monster

The God of Destruction was on the top list of underground mainstream rappers ever since he was young. His solo sings show his versatility, an element in every successful top-ranked rapper. He's the leader of BTS and his solo singles are looking for his identity. His debut mixtape shows him changing from an underground rapper to an idol and in 'Do You' he's a very fast rapper with great acting skills. In 'Throw it' he wants all the 'suckers' to throw it all.


5. Hyuna

The ex 4Minute singer emerged as a controversial solo artist with ‘Change’. She left the group on her parent’s instructions as she started to faint with other health concerns. The dance moves are full of impactful hip thrusting and the girl in the song is trying to get people to treat her seriously. So she tries to change her dreams in the music video which is full of sex appeal, and the video is rated inappropriate for minors. As she began her solo career with 'performance-oriented music', she wants to reveal her true self in 'Lip and Hip' and in 'How's This' she expands her party-going universe.


6. Kim Seokjin

In 2013, he released his emotionally uplifting solo debut single 'Awake' on the album "Wings". His other solo songs are 'tonight', 'Abyss', and 'Super Tuna'. With 'Awake' his journey and heart turned towards a different path. He also created a 'Christmas version' of the song as a gift for his birthday. His vocal range, high notes, and silky voice showcase a perfect picture of dark self-discovery and the butterfly wings he needs for his insecurities.


7. Lisa

The rapper pushed herself with her solo debut 'Lalisa' and 'Money, being the closest a Kpop soloist could be to the American rap mainstream music. In the music video, she claims to have a superpower in her concept. In Lalisa she wanted some Thai vibes as she is from Thailand. The video for 'Lalisa' made a world record of the most viewed video on Youtube by a solo artist in 24 hours. Lisa premiered her strong dance routine on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'.


8. Rose

Roseanne Park was an artist whose solo was awaited by her global fans and she released her single album R in March 2021. ‘On The Ground’ was its lead track and it topped the Billboard 200 chart. She made a Guinness World Record as the most viewed solo Kpop artist on Youtube in 24 hours. She became the first Kpop soloist to perform on the ‘Tonight’s Show starring jimmy Fallon’ with ‘On The Ground’.


9. Jennie Kim

The vocalist and rapper from Blackpink released the music video for 'SOLO', shot in London. She changes from a naïve to a strong, independent woman in the song. The fashionable Chanel brand ambassador has revived from a toxic breakup into newborn freedom in the music video. It has dance, pop, and hip hop blended with EDM, which she performed as a live remix in 'The Show' during the pandemic for a virtual release.


10. G–Dragon

He is also the leader of the Big Bang and the King of Kpop. Rose from Blackpink was his mystery girl in the duet 'Without you' whom he always praised. He made his debut with the album 'Heartbreaker' and its title song was an electronic pop song. The album was the 'Album of The Year' in the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2009. His first EP 'One of A Kind' topped the Billboard World Albums and it was the best-selling album by a Korean soloist since the release of ‘Heartbreaker’.