Article: Top 10 K-Drama Bad Guys Having Golden Heart

Bad males in K-dramas will make you re-evaluate their anti-hero reputation with their attractiveness and alluring appeal. They are the bad guys—misinterpreted loner types—with captivating charisma. In K-dramas, the bad boy stereotype is very prevalent, but there is a handful who stand out. Sadly, these nasty boy characters either failed to win the female lead's soul or did. Even though they are boisterous, these K-drama bad boys are rather kind. Nevertheless, despite their distant demeanor, these individuals had the hearts of the audience racing. So, let's look at the top 10 K-Drama bad guys having a golden heart.

1. Goo Jun Pyo (Boys Over Flowers)

Goo Jun Pyo, the protagonist of Boys Over Flowers, is attractive, endearing, popular, and incredibly smug. So, it makes sense that he treated Geum Jan Di brutally when she transferred to his school. Despite having everything he could ever need, he struggles to let anyone inside his heart because of his enormously strong façade. He doesn't like Jan Di at first because she is so unlike him, but after he understands that these distinctions are what he is attracted to, he can't help but commit himself fully to her. His significant change comes after he swears to love her unconditionally and realizes that even being away from her is hard.


2. Wang So (Scarlet Heart)

One of the numerous princes vying to become the King, Lee Joon Gi, portrays the aggressive, difficult-to-control Wang So. He falls for Hae Soo when he first meets her, but he never seems to have the appropriate occasion to spend time with her. Watching him play the bad boy who tries hard to avoid falling in love with Hae Soo is pretty adorable. He often battles the urge to give in to his foul boy tendencies, but his heart will always be faithful to Hae Soo.


3. Goo Dong Mae (Mr. Sunshine)

Most fans had a range of emotions when they saw the character Goo Dong-Mae (played by Yoo Yeon-Seok). The main bad guy of the show, Dong-Mae, had a very mild place for the powerful, fierce female characters. He engages in several difficult-to-forgive deceptive and cunning deeds during the entire show. However, fans were in awe of how he treated and interacted with the female protagonist. He only considers doom, but after meeting Go Ae Shin, he falls in love and does everything to let her know how he feels. He's strict, but when it comes to the woman he has a strong attachment for, he turns into a big softy—it's a classic evil boy tale. It's a change you won't soon forget. 


4. Choi Young Do (Heirs)

A K-drama character who may not be able to be dated is Choi Young-do (Kim Woo-bin). He is self-centered, arrogant, and enjoys making other people's life wretched. In the television show The Heirs, he was the alleged nasty boy. He doesn't know how to express his emotions after meeting Cha Eun Sang; thus, he comes out as being stern and chilly. We watch as a troubled high schooler becomes more forthright and honest about his love for Eun Sang as they develop. Even though he is obnoxious and frequently acts like a toddler, his supporters still support him. Viewers may come to like Young Do by the series' conclusion! 


5. Lee Gang Doo (Just Between Lovers)

The male protagonist in Just Between Lovers is distant and tormented. Before a terrible incident involving the destruction of a nearby mall left him hurt, Kang-doo (played by Lee Jun-ho) previously harbored aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player. He engages in fights frequently and has no desire to turn his life around. When Kang Doo appears to be an unstoppable evil boy, he meets Ha Moon Soo, and the two click instantly. They become romantically entwined. In the drama, he suffers outbursts of wrath and harbors grudges toward individuals who caused the problem. Kang-doo has little hope for a promising future. He makes choices with the knowledge that they could impact his general health. 


6. Kwon Shi Hyun (Tempted) 

Unquestionably one of the most significant and unforgettable bad boys to feature in a K-drama is Woo Do Hwan's portrayal of Kwon Shi Hyun. Rich boy Kwon Shi Hyun solely thinks about his wealthy buddies, with whom he spends a lot of time. He picks up women to play with as well. Shi Hyun had no deep intentions with Eun Tae Hee and only intended to play with his friends. But then he experiences love and is overcome by her attractiveness and purity. A tale about a girl falling for a bad boy can be found in the show Tempted. 


7. Han Seo Jun (True Beauty) 

In the romantic comedy-drama True Beauty, Hwang In Yeop stole the show, and we'd be lying if we said otherwise. He played Han Seo Joon, the troublemaker, in the television series. He crosses off every requirement, including riding a motorcycle, looking sharp, and engaging in the occasional altercation. The two main leads have a rivalry over the girl that won't go unnoticed. As Seo Joon begins to suspect he could fancy the female lead, a fan not only blushes but also feels sorry for him. 


8. Baek Kyung (Extraordinary You) 

The female lead character in Extraordinary You realizes her existence is a delusion. The bad boy, Baek Kyung (played by Lee Jae Wook), might be a character in a love story. Kyung is fully aware of her love for him but doesn't care. Baek treats the lead horribly and is harsh and snobbish. He doesn't recognize his error until Kyung believes she has begun to develop feelings for someone else. He modifies his behavior to win the girl over.


9. Cha Moo-hyuk (I’m Sorry, I Love You)

Any fan in desperate need of a decent bad boy story should watch I'm Sorry, I Love You. Fans will be pulling for Cha Moo-Hyuk (played by So Ji-sub), an original character, from beginning to end. His portrayal of a gangster in I'm Sorry, I Love You exhibits no compassion in his pursuit of wealth through different unlawful means. His tale is hardly a fairy-tale because he operates as a con artist in Australia, stealing from visitors. He doesn't have a stellar past as most bad boys have. He quickly encounters the female lead after returning to Korea. The wicked guy learns that life is about more than just his illegal activities in this timeless tale. 


10. Doo Chil Seong (Wok Of Love)

Gang boss Doo Chil Seong (played by Jang Hyuk) is also a loan shark and proprietor of a dilapidated Chinese restaurant. Although he exudes calmness, he has a reputation for being cutthroat in the corporate world. People are frightened of him because Chil Seong has no fear. But when he meets Seo Poong, with whom he has a sibling-like relationship, everything is different. As he develops feelings for Sae Woo, Chil Seong softens even more. This ruthless gangster becomes as soft as butter when he sees the woman he truly cares for the most.