Article: Top 10 Female K-Pop Idols With The Strongest Vocals

Sky is the limit for talent, and K-pop idols have incredible talent that never fails to captivate an audience. Female K-pop groups and soloists are famous for being incredibly talented. They are some of the most trained artists who charm and capture the audience with their tremendous performances. Though K-pop has many female artists with various talents, some artists stand out because of their talent. Some female K-pop idols have top-notch vocals and exceptional musicality, which shines whenever they perform. These idols are globally known and famous for their singing abilities and voices. Some female artists have phenomenal technical abilities with rich vocal tones to soulful and captivating vocal runs. They have different tones, some with powerful and low voices, while others have softer, delicate tones. In their own way, they show that strong vocals do not mean singing loudly and with power, but it means to showcase talent and vocal ability and use their voices and music to paint emotions and charm the audiences while performing.

1. Taeyeon

Taeyeon is undoubtedly one of the best female vocalists in K-pop. Taeyeon is one of the strongest female vocalists present in K-pop. She also has showcased her versatility with her solo music. She has songs that have rich and laid-back vocals and music with very sharp and high runs. Taeyeon is known to have great vocal control and conveys the emotions of songs through her performances. Her music captivates the audience because you can feel the emotions just by listening to her. Some of her most mesmerizing songs include Fine, INVU, Spark, I, and Rain.

2. IU

IU has some of the best vocals in K-pop. She is a soloist who is one of the most famous idols in K-pop and is popular even among artists. IU has a light and airy voice with great vocal ability. She has utterly flawless vocals and shows that her vocals are strong technically. Fans often comment on her looking like an angel while singing. She transitions into her tones effortlessly and displays a talent that renders the audience in awe. Her best songs showing off her vocals include Lilac, Eight, Through The Night, and Good Day.

3. Suhyun

Suhyun from AKMU is a gifted vocalist. She has a powerful voice that is light and airy. Suhyun has a wide vocal range and sings various notes effortlessly. She has a clear and controlled voice. Fans are mesmerized by her live performances as she shows her captivating vocals. Suhyun has been famous on the internet and in the industry for being one of the most strong and beautiful voices in K-pop. She showed how she has some of the strongest vocals with her covers of Speechless, Rewrite The Stars with D.O. and City Of Stars with Lee Dongwook.

4. Solar

There are not a lot of K-pop fans who do not know Mamamoo. Solar, the leader, is a vocal powerhouse. Solar has a loud and clear voice that is dynamic and controlled. Mamamoo are known for their live vocals and incredible harmonization. She leaves jaws dropped as fans obsess over her talent and showcases her strong and charismatic vocals, especially during live performances. Solar is notorious for having incredible vocal control and modulation because both her low tone and high notes are phenomenal.

5. Wendy

Wendy is the main vocalist of Red Velvet and a talented vocalist. Wendy has a wide vocal range and displays her technique in her performances with ease. She has a stable and soulful voice that resonates well and captures the hearts of the listeners. Wendy nails her high notes but also sings in her low register perfectly. With her song Like Water and When This Rain Stops, Red Velvet songs Psycho, Kingdom Come, and Feel My Rhythm, Wendy became a fan favorite because of her vocals. Her strongest vocalist moments include her Immortal Songs performance.

6. LeeHi

LeeHi is a female idol who can reduce a listener to tears with her voice and make them feel so many emotions. Her voice is light but powerful, and she has a unique tone. She sings low notes and high notes well and captivates listeners. Her music shows her vocal style as she uses her voice to tell us a story. Her songs are beautiful because she captures hearts with her voice, and the emotions of the songs get stuck in our hearts.

7. Jihyo

Jihyo is another female idol who has strong vocals. She has a loud and clear voice and can reach high notes comfortably. Jihyo has a unique voice and often stands out because of her vocals. Fans love how Jihyo shows off her powerful and stable vocals during live performances while dancing. Some of her best vocalist moments are from Cry For Me, The Feels, I Can't Stop Me, and her recent solo Killing Me Good.

8. Wheein

Wheein is another Mamamoo member who is an exceptional singer. Wheein has one of the most unique voices in K-pop. She has an airy, nasal but controlled tone and attracts many fans with her vocals. She has a very RnB vibe and can sing complicated notes easily. Some of her best vocals are from Mamamoo's songs I Miss You, Hip, Dinga, Windflower, and her solos,  Easy, In The Mood, and Water Color.

9. Rosé

Rosé from Blackpink is a female idol with a clear and captivating voice. She has some of the best vocals among female idols from the 3rd generation of K-pop. She has a phenomenal vocal range, and her octaves are mesmerizing. Fans praise her for having powerful and soulful vocals, especially during live performances. Some of her best vocals are in her songs Gone, On The Ground, Kill This Love, Tally, Lovesick Girls and Happiest Girl by Blackpink. She stunned people with her emotional performance of If It Is You by Jung Seung Hwan and received praise for her beautiful vocals.

10. Lily

Lily from Nmixx is a female idol with powerhouse vocals that stun people every time they listen to her. She is one of the best vocals among the 4th generation of female K-pop idols. Lily is famous for her explosive live vocals as she sings her heart out on stage. Her high notes often leave people in awe of her vocal abilities. She is a jaw-dropping vocalist because fans wonder how she is so stable while performing live. Lily has a clear and controlled tone. Her strongest vocals are in Dice, Tank, and Love Me Like This by Nmixx.