Article: Top 10 Best K-Dramas To Binge Watch On A Rainy Day

K-dramas are often referred to as comfort shows by people. They serve as a perfect relaxation after a long day at school, work, or to escape from the fast-paced life. There is just something about K-dramas that are fun and engaging to anyone who sees them, whether it is action, romance, horror, or drama. One moment, you start an episode, and the next thing you know, you have binged the whole show. And some days are perfect for binge-watching your favorite K-drama. Rain often has different reactions from people. For some, rain is gloomy and depressing and makes them curl into their blankets. For others, it is cozy and lively. Regardless of the vibe rain brings, it makes one feel like staying in the comforts of their house, eating hot food, and cozying up to watch some feel-good dramas. Here are some K-dramas that are perfect for a cozy, rainy day.

1. Something In The Rain

Something in the Rain tells us the story of Jin-ah. In her mid-30s, Jin-ah works at a coffee franchise company and is pressured by her mother to get married. Single and seemingly sad, she bumps into her best friend's younger brother, Joon-hee. The two soon fall into a whirlwind of romance. They deal with their age gap and the mindset of the traditional society as love blossoms. With its actors' sizzling chemistry and realistic plot, the show is perfect to watch on a rainy day, as its name suggests.

2. My Liberation Notes

If there is a definition of a perfect slice-of-life drama, My Liberation Notes would be it. The show is the story of a family of three siblings and their parents. This show depicts the essence of human life to perfection. You laugh with the characters, cry at the realism, swoon at their romance, and, most importantly, relate to them. The story and many dialogues are relatable, making this an emotional binge-watch. It is a perfect healing show to watch on a rainy day.

3. Our Blues

With the beautiful cinematography of Jeju Island, Our Blues is a masterpiece that covers serious topics like domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and Down syndrome. It tells the stories of a few Jeju residents, each dealing with their problems. The famous star cast depicts the sensitive and multi-layered storytelling brilliantly. This slice-of-life is raw, makes you feel blue, and is a perfect rainy-day watch.

4. Soundtrack #1

Soundtrack #1 is a sweet friend-to-lovers of friends of almost 20 years. When lyricist Eunsoo struggles with her writing, she asks Sunwoo to help her out, resulting in them living together for two weeks. Will their living together finally result in something that couldn't happen for the longest? Will the two oblivious friends tell each other about their feelings? This show is a feel-good, heartwarming drama you should watch on a cozy, rainy day.

5. Summer Strike

Summer Strike is the perfect drama to cozy up to on a rainy day. It is a realistic slice of life. The show tells the story of Yeoreum, who moves to a small village. There, she meets Daebeom, and the two get close through their shared experiences. This show teaches so many lessons about life and how to lead it. The actors are a delight to watch and they perfectly represent the plot and intention of the show.

6. Do You Like Brahms?

With the touch of classical music throughout the show, Do You Like Brahms? shows the journey of emotions and people, in this case musicians. Song-ah is the oldest in her music class and struggles to cope with her new academics. She meets Joon-young, a famous pianist, who has his struggles, but shyly helps her out. The two shyly connect through their shared love for music. You can cozy up and watch the two leads slowly fall, with the lull of classical music as the perfect background.

7. Love Rain

Love Rain is a classic romance K-drama that stars Jang Geun Suk and SNSD member Yoona. Fate brings two strangers together as Seojoon and Hana fall in love. Surprisingly, the two discover the story of their parents' relationship back in the 70s. Love Rain is nostalgic and fun and has classic Korean drama scenes to flutter your heart.

8. When My Love Blooms

When My Love Blooms is a drama about first love, heartbreak, and second chances. Twenty years after their breakup, fate unites Jisoo, a single mother, with her first love, Jaehyun. The two live very different lives and are not the same people they were in high school. Fate gives them a second chance at love, but will they take it and rediscover each other? When My Love Blooms is a complex and deep story that will make for an apt rainy-day watch.

9. Reply 1988

Though most people like slice-of-life and romance dramas on a rainy day, few K-dramas are too memorable and will brighten up the day. Reply 1988 is one such drama. It is an unforgettable tale of friendship and familial bonds. The show surrounds five childhood friends and their families living in the same neighborhood. Reply 1988 is fun and nostalgic and makes you miss the simpler times of your youth. The viewer will relate to the families, their arguments and cute moments, and how the friends grow up. This show will remind you of all the good times in your life and bring happiness to the viewers.

10. Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist is an intriguing show and will keep the audience curious till the end. The show revolves around a hospital and its five doctors who are best friends of 20 years. The show, starring famous actors, celebrates life and friendships as the doctors navigate working at a hospital and enjoying life. Hospital Playlist will make you feel all sorts of emotions with the excellent plot, acting, and an utterly engaging watch.