Article: 10 K-Dramas With Family Bonding

Family bonds and relations are things which complete a person's life and fill it with emotions and sensitivity to deal with things. This thing has been very creatively and softly handled by kdramas by making family oriented shows.

1. The Reply Series

This series is in three seasons. In season one, a high school student is obsessed with a boyband H.O.T. and her other school friends. As this progresses in everyone’s life, they all meet after 18 years at the school reunion and reach adulthood. They revisit their memories, and two members announce their relationship.

In season two, six university students from different parts of South Korea live in a house cum hostel run by a couple with their daughter. They all bond like family with each other and make unforgettable memories. Later, after many years one of them gets married to their daughter.

In season three, five friends have lived with their families in the same neighbourhood since childhood, always together and relying on each other for everything during their childhood and teenage years and even after growing up. They are always there for each other even after quarrelling; they maintain their bond. This series is about family bonding and maintaining relationships through the thick and thin of life.

2. Revolutionary Sisters

This story is about three sisters brought up together in the same household but have very different personalities. Things take a U-turn when their mother gets murdered, and everyone is under suspicion, even their father. This show is a whole family drama with a full plate of emotions and family bonding.

3. Once Again

This drama is about the Song family, who are tense because of the lives of their four children. Two children are already divorced, and the third one is on the verge of getting a divorce. On the other hand, the youngest one is struggling as an intern at a company. This family drama is a whole ride of emotions and a feast for your heart.

4. My Liberation Notes

The story revolves around three siblings and a stranger who are in their thirties and want to escape their lives. They all struggle to make their lives out of their village and away from their families and remember the details they missed about their family bonds while away from home.

5. Father, I’ll Take Care Of You

This show revolves around a couple who are now retired and are excited to start their life after retirement. Their plans are shattered when their four children return home, and conflicts arise as the children and adults now have to live according to their parents. This show mainly deals with the generation gap and understanding the needs of family members after growing up.

6. My Father Is Strange

This show is about a family which consists of a husband and wife and their three daughters. They are living happily in their own sweet and happy world until one day, a Korean star shows up and claims to be part of their family and to be their son. He then starts living with them and tries to win their love and affection.

7. What Happens To My Family?

This drama is about a widower father who raises his children with the help of his sister. They go through their share of problems dealing with family problems and still caring and respecting each other. This show is about not taking any relationship for granted and valuing it before it gets late.

8. 18 Again

In this, the main couple is on the verge of getting a divorce after 20 years of marriage.Suddenly his body changes to an 18-year-old, but his mind remains unchanged. In school, he was very popular and handsome and a fantastic basketball player. He then changes his name, starts living his new life, and realises he still has to learn much about life.

9. Because This Is My First Life

The male and female leads are 30 years old and uninterested in getting married. They crossways when she becomes a tenant at his house. He is annoyed as his father constantly pressures his mom to tell him to get married. So he offers her tenant a contract, and they get married to avoid their family getting involved and their pressure.

10. Shining Inheritance

This story is relatable to Cinderella. When her father dies, her stepmother and step-sister kick her and her brother, who has autism, out of the house. She struggles to make a living for herself and her brother, but tragedy strikes her again, and her brother goes missing. She is then hired to nurse an old lady with amnesia, and when she gets better, she invites her to stay with them. Things take a turn when the lady’s grandson and she doesn’t like each other and is always fighting. Things get even worse when she learns that he and her step-sister are friends and her step-sister is always making false allegations against her, but he gets to know the truth, and then their bond grows. This show is a whole family melodrama.